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      Am I doing this wrong?

      I went to Settings > Configure Netflix Account.

      I entered my Login and Password, and I am positive they are correct - they work at netfix.com.

      I click "Yes, Link This Account" and see "Incorrect username or password".


      Any suggestions?



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          The same thing happened when I tried to configure netflix on my HD+, but netflix works fine without doing it.  If I remember correctly, the linking actually links B&N to your netflix account so they can track what you watch.  That didn't sound like a good thing to me so I skipped the configure/link option.  If you want to do it you can probably find an answer by searching the forum.



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              The linking doesn't work. It didn't work on Color and Tablet and it seems it doesn't work on HD or HD+ either.


              You don't need it.


              Just run the app, log in there, and everything works fine.

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              Thank you, I have no idea what I was thinking.  My Netflix works perfectly fine, though I almost never use it.