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    Nook iPad App & Newspaper/Magazines


      I would be interested in experiences of anyone using the Nook app for iPad and reading/navigating/viewing content from B&N's Newspaper/Magazine store.





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          Unfortunately the Nook WSJ does not work on the iPad. I canceled my Nook subscription and bought the iPad subscription. Much better navigation and of course videos and color. The Nook PC mag works well on the iPad.


           Personally I will not by magazines for my Nook anymore, as if you own an iPad the reading experience is far superior. Navigation the WSJ on a Nook is very painful.

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              Hi Heritage07,


              Thanks for your insight. Unfortunately it's hard to make these evaluations by going to an Apple Store. That is sort of disappointing - I'm interested in getting an e-reader that would allow me reading both e-books and e-magazines/newspapers, etc. - hoping to avoid having to purchase two devices. I sort of figured the Nook itself would not easily allow navigation of a newspaper like an iPad (tablet) would, hence my interest in the iPad, yet wanted to get all the content from the same place - one stop shopping.


              Sounds like I would have to get content like that from the iTunes Store and books from B&N. I imagine since you own both, that if reading mostly books was the priority, then the Nook would be the more logical choice.


              Do you use your Nook mostly for e-books and the iPad for the other electronic media that requires color or multimedia content?



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              Dr. Roger,

              I had the Nook but ended up selling it when I got the iPad. While I will agree that for books (read text) only, the Nook and the other dedicated readers are probably better, I liked having all my reading material on one device. (Magazines, comics, newspapers and books)

              I ended up installing several different apps for different purposes:

              iBooks and Nook app for reading books - at first I prefered the experience in iBooks but now tending to read just as much on the Nook app. Though for me - I have a collection of ebooks already - iBooks has one big advantage, you can load books (through iTunes) that are on your computer without needing/worrying about the seller's website/server. What I like about the Nook app is it is much more customizable with regards to fonts, background and text color, than the iBook app. Have not tried any of the magazine/newspaper subscriptions though.

              NY Times - two different apps and between the two I get enough of the paper to keep me happy. (Though I did forget how liberal the NY Times and their editors can be at times.)

              Good Reader - any PDF files, magazines, etc.

              XComics and Comic Viewer (obvious)

              Zinio - great for magazine subscriptions.

              Have also tried the USA Today app (nicely done but wanted more area news) and Wall Street Journal (too limited unless you pay for full access and a bit too conservative for my tastes).

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                  Hi Swandy,


                  Thank you so much for the informative post. The iPad definitely does appear to have its advantages in dealing with mix media. I trust that when you mention using the Nook app and the iBooks (iBook Store), they basically are two separate applications running in the iPad and you switch between them in order to access the content on each.


                  I've read that the iPad for long reading periods could tire the eyes, since its screen is backlighted. The lighting in the room probably also has impact on that too.


                  Thanks again for the insight - now I have to make a decision over the next couple of months.



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                      DrRoger, One of the things I like about the iPad is that you can have multiple apps for reading from different sources. Yes, iBooks and the Nook are two separate apps. One accesses B&N site and the other Aoole's. You can also get a Kindle app and have the best of all three stores.
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                    I originally bought the Nook, but recently purchased an iPad 2.  I was hopeful that I would finally be able to access the Nook Color content (i.e., magazines, newspapers, etc.) via the Nook app.  Unfortunately, most of the magazine content is (for whatever ridiculous reason) only compatible with the Nook Color and can't be viewed via the apps.  I *really, really, really* want to patronize B&N, but as a result of the incompatibility issue, I frequently find myself using a publication's native iPad app. 


                    Also, B&N has not updated the Nook app for iPad since October '10 and there are a number of bugs.  For example, opening lendable books on my iPad 2 crashes the app and requires me to uninstall and reload the app before I can get back into it.  I don't know if those bugs only relate to the newer iOS versions, but I'm honestly quite close to giving up on B&N and going with Amazon and the Kindle app.  The fact that I have a Nook that I could also use to read my ebooks is the only thing keeping me from switching so far, but I can't lie: I haven't been happy with how the Nook iPad app has performed.

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                        calipanthergrl wrote:


                        B&N has not updated the Nook app for iPad since October '10  ... I'm honestly quite close to giving up on B&N and going with Amazon and the Kindle app.

                        It sounds like you're not aware that Apple is expected to boot third-party e-book reader apps like NOOK and Kindle off of the iOS App Store on June 30th. The iFlow app has already been discontinued, and the company that makes it (BeamItDown) is shutting down. Sony has apparently given up on putting an e-book reader app into the App Store. Amazon is rumored to have its own tablets (Android-based) just about ready to go. B&N has a big announcement scheduled for next Tuesday.


                        It's always possible that Apple will change their minds, but at the moment, it looks like come July 1, it'll be iBooks or nothing.