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    NC2 on Windows 8?


      Now I usually don't speculate since I am usually wrong but this just seems to make sense to me.  Hear me out.  What do we know:

      1.  B&N needs to come out with a second generation NC.
      2.  Amazon is rumored to be releasing a tablet to compete with the NC.
      3.  MS is releasing Windows 8 on an Arm platform.
      4.  MS needs to establish itself in the tablet market.
      5.  B&N needs some help developing the NC2.  At least to defray the costs.
      6.  MS is suing  B&N over patents.

      It just seems to make sense to me:

      1.  B&N and MS jointly develop the NC2 based Windows 8.
      2.  MS covers a major portion of the development costs.
      3.  MS covers a major portion of the marketing costs.
      4.  B&N pays MS for Windows but it is more than offset by MS paying B&N.


      1.  B&N gets an NC2 without steep development costs.
      2.  MS gains an immediate foothold in the tablet market.
      3.  Since it is an eReader MS can release Windows 8 early and add functionality later.
      4.  Netflix support assured.  Zune support.
      5.  The patent issue goes away.


      1.  I don't know if WP7 apps will run on Windows 8.  They share a lot in common so it they should be easy to port.
      2.  XBOX game support similar to WP7.  Should be possible.


      1.  Tablet cost.  It needs to sell for under $300.  It needs a dual core processor and more memory so it will cost more to make.  MS could help defray with the hope of selling apps/games.


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          As someone that generally hates MS, I have come to believe anyone similarly predisposed generally succumbs and creates something that ends up being a worse alternative to MS. Apple has doneso. Android tablets don't do much for me either since I truly do want any device that I use to have more usefullness relating to things I already use a computer for. That's why I never needed my NC to be a full tablet. The tablets that have caught my attention are windows-based. If there were a deal such as you brilliantly outline, I would want it. For me, it would be a tablet that would or could use software I have already as well as peripherals and would or could incorporate the native BN readers as well as all my previously purchased BN content. Great daydream! I wish it could happen.
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              If there be such a beast, the NC Windows 8 most likely will be based on the ARM processor. This will run Windows 8 RT and will not be able to used existing software. I believe using Windows 8 RT for a new NC will firmly put Microsoft in the tablet market. In the words of Michael Dell, "Android sucks".

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              It's an interesting idea.  I don't think what you've proposed is attractive enough of a deal for Microsoft though.  If they can convince someone like Dell to produce a Win8 ARM-based tablet device for $300, they won't need BN to sell millions of new Win8 tablet devices.


              Dual core and lots of RAM are attractive but the sink-or-swim for a MS tablet is going to be battery life and features like instant-on and bulletproof wireless network connectivity - things typically not associated with Microsoft's Windows platform.  They get that right and all they'll need is the standalone BN Nook and Amazon Kindle eReader apps onboard and I'm sold. 



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                The lawsuit  is BS.   The patents in question probably never should have been granted.


                The hardware will already run Netflix.  It's just a question of certifying and adding the app to the Nook's market.


                Zune support?  Why?  Isn't even Microsoft getting away from that?


                XBox support?  Personallty, I could care less.


                Dual core and more memory will drive the price over 300 dollars.


                If you want a gaming tablet, you probably want to look beyond something primarily designed for books and media consumption, - and you're probably going to have to pay more than 300 in the near term.





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                    Well for a lot of people, games on tablets are a real desirable.  And I think the main point of this thread is a tablet and not an ereader, but one that might see an integration of the possibles.


                    Yes, MS would have to work on security issues, but then just recently it was reported that incursions into Apple's platforms are on the rise.  It seems that some have realized that Apple is not the great consumer driven brand it once was.  Android while a wonderful platform may hit certain limits of functionality as users move from desktops and laptops and see a real viability in tablets as computers.  But, it's just as likely that Android is to the geek market what Apple used to be.  It's open nature and other real pluses make it desirable, but well it is to some real extent a Microsoft world.  Apps are great but real applications need one large cohesive supporter.  Android does not have that.


                    It seems right now that the tablet market is all over the place and no one yet is doing it completely right.  Apple is a closed system that is getting more closed as time goes on.  It's also expensive to develop for-their fees are awful.  Android still has limitations, but is becoming very widespread with phones and tablets.  MS didn't do so well with their phone or with zune, but they don't need zune.  There are all kinds of music applications out there, one of them being Rhapsody that has very recently become very unhappy with Apple.  The thing is, with MS you can have your choice of applications that are already available.  MS is about selling their software and their OS, but unlike Apple is less concerned about their device. 


                    Android to be increasingly viable really does need to have more of a standard software presence which it does not have.  And I'm not altogether impressed or happy with the direction Google is trying to take things in.


                    I hate MS and I used to hate it more than Apple, but given the choice I'd take MS.  Drag and drop and all the other software that already exists for MS sells it to me.

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                        deemure wrote:



                        I hate MS and I used to hate it more than Apple, but given the choice I'd take MS.  Drag and drop and all the other software that already exists for MS sells it to me.

                        You do realize that a Win8 tablet with an ARM processor won't run existing Windows software (with exception of .Net and Silverlight apps), right?  



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                          deemure wrote:
                          Well for a lot of people, games on tablets are a real desirable. 
                          You wouldn't just be saying that because whether you look at the Top 10 Most Popular apps on the NC, or the top 20, or the top 30, 2 out of 3 are always games?  :smileywink:

                          Android still has limitations, but is becoming very widespread with phones and tablets. 


                          Quite true.  One problem with Android is that it's not easy for devs to make money there.  Partly because everything originally started out "free", so folks still expect to get everything for free.  And they don't like paying for it. Of course, free (usually) means ad-supported.


                          Right now, over 75% of all the apps there are still "free".  Of the <25% that are paid up front, over 80% of those never sell more than 100 copies!  That's pretty shocking, to me at least.  Only ~1% of all the apps in the A-Market ever sell >1,000 copies.


                          That's why you see popular apps like Evernote being free, for wifi access to your data in the cloud.  But if you want access to your own data, resident on your own device, that'll cost you $5 (every month).


                          - Mark


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                              Who wants to pay licensing fees to MS? 


                              The good thing about the May 25th announcement of a new Nook, is that B&N is paying attention and can change when they need to, thus you can expect a NC2.  Amazon didn't pay attention and is playing catchup.  You can expect B&N to wait until they have about a 95% clear expectation of what Amazon will be doing, and B&N will top it.


                              The notion that windows and MS needs to be part of this revolution is, well, a notion...


                              The only thing that can change the course and put another OS in the loop would be who ever buys out B&N.

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                                  Last time I checked, BN is out of cash and is looking to be bought.  It's difficult to play keep-up with the Joneses when you don't have the scratch.


                                  Let's see if they try to top Amazon and fund their own imprint.  Amazon is going right to the authors to acquire content and sending a shot over the bow at the publishers that have been controlling the retail price of digital content.  Do you think BN will answer?


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                            Your hypothesis is based on a debatable if not outright false premise (in my opinion).  Why exactly do you think B&N NEEDS to come out with a NC2?  Does the current product fail to provide affordable reading pleasure?  Can you not view pictures, listen to music, browse the web and run additional applications in addition to (or even simultaneously with) reading your latest ebook or enewspaper?


                            If B&N worked on a NC2, I would think it would be one that worked in a larger format (say, 10 inches) so you could read or enjoy larger format color works like National Geographic or had better battery life.  An ability to easily convert DVDs to viewing on your Nook would be a big hit with users but invite litigation from the MPAA so probably a hard sell within B&N corporate.


                            I don't see any value TO B&N in working NC2 on Win8.  They will probably do a Win7/Win8 version of the Nook software so any tablet based on Win8 will be able to access Nook but I just don't see any upside for them in doing second generation hardware at this point, especially hardware that changes their required development infrastructure.


                            B&N seems to be doing well in sales with NC as it is -- all they can do with an NC2 that offers no additional value to the customer is add confusion to the market.  I think B&N is very smart in keeping Nook Color as an "eReader plus".

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                              Talk about reviving an old thread. The NC2 speculated about happened without MS ~ its the Nook Tablet. And the deal with MS happened, which is, at the outset, integration of the B&N ereader into Windows8 ~ presumably Windows8 Intel, Windows8 Metro for ARM tablets, and Windows8 Metro for smartphones.


                              So now the rumored Windows8 B&N tablet could be either a WindowsRT for tablets, or, as B&N did with Android, a WindowsPhone system.


                              The big announcement was not that, but rather the Surface. However, with the B&N ereader & bookstore to be integrated into Windows8, don't be surprised if the Surface shows up for sale from B&N.