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    What's Your Battery Life?

      I did a search for "battery life" and there are so many different threads with complaints about the lack thereof. So here's a thread that is just about listing your battery life! What model(s) do you have? What is it's/their battery life and what do you do to get it?


      I'll start.


      My Nook SimpleTouch GlowLight that I got 10/12 lasts over 2 weeks on a single charge! Now that's me reading 4-5 hours a day. I never got below 5% on mine and that was when I read for 2 weeks, 4+ hours a day. I turn WiFi off and find that the Glowlight feature doesn't affect the battery much.


      My Nook HD+ gets 15 hours. I keep the WiFi off and the brightness at just above 60%. It took me 3 days to get the battery to 7% with me reading about 4-5 hours a day.


      What about you guys? How about those 1st generation Nooks? Is the battery still good on theirs after all of these years?

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          My NCs and NT seem to average about 10% battery consumption per hour in use. With power off, they're good for 4-5 days of standby with light usage.


          My NSTs are easily good for a couple of weeks of light reading.


          Overall, battery life on my NOOK devices has been good, provided I'm careful with what I do with them. If I work to conserve battery, they do well.

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            My NST, reading about 15-20 hours per week will usually last me around 4-6 weeks with wifi off.

            My wife's NT will last about 2 days with on.