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    nook press publishing

      I am attempting to publish a new ebook to nookpress.com. I get through the process of uploading the manuscript, making the appropriate entries for title, price, etc etc and then hit "publish" in which i see "processing". Shortly thereafter i go back to the dashboard and the book is not published and i see "publish" to the far right associated to actions to take. I've been trying to get my new ebook uploaded and published for about two days. Does anyone know if nook press is down and or no longer allowing new uploads? Additionally, is there a way to email technical support for nook press for issues like this?

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          > is there a way to email technical support for nook press for issues like this?

          Technical Support at Nook is a myth, like Atlantis. This discussion board is the ONLY place you will ever get Nook Press help.
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              And unfortunately we can't help with their technical glitches!


              And as for Atlantis, it has a better chance of being real that customer support does. In a way I feel sorry for the chat people. I can just see their job description "You will answer phone calls from frustrated publishers and customer. You will tell them nothing. You can do nothing to assist them, but it is your job to make them happpy they are working with B&N".

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              There are two other threads in the forum with the same complaints.  I'm now on day 5 of the same problem -- with no response from Customer Service.  (Others have reported CS as nonresponsive or unhelpful.)


              Maybe everyone will be back at work today and can get the problem fixed.