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    New Glowlight and a few ?'s.

      Just got the new glowlight for xmas (the white one). I'm trying to decide whether I want a cover (even though I hate the bulk it adds). I'd really like to just use a sleeve for traveling but am concerned about the white staining? I had the original nook 1st edition and it did have a few stains after 3 years of use. I'd really like a super thin silicone skin if anyone knows where I could find one of those? I'm also concerned about the rubber outer ring getting stained. My daughter paid a lot of money for a cover for my first nook and I hated it. I didn't like having to fold it back like a book and I never used it.


      More importantly, does anyone else notice I guess you'd call it "ghosting"? I don't always see it but sometimes it seems like I can see very faint darkness on the screen. It's kind of like seeing another page behind the one I'm reading but it's very faint, almost like a shadow.





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          I don't see any ghosting on my glowlight. Like you, I don't like to use a cover when reading and only use a cover when I have to put nook in my purse. For traveling (plane) I use a cover that I used with my first edition nook. I love that cover, has places to hold boarding pass, license, money etc. and glowlight fits fine for that purpose. As for stains on the white I am sure that it is possible. I use a skin from Decalgirl which does protect the white portion of nook.
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            I don't use a cover for my Glowlight either--seems to defeat the purpose of such a light device.  I have a DecalGirl skin on mine because I figured the white would get pretty grubby over time. I keep in in a Nook sock--I took one of my husband's big heavy wool socks, cut off the part below the heel and sewed it shut.  It's enough protection for traveling in my bag to work.  If it needs something stronger, I slip a piece of heavy cardboard into it. 


            As far as ghosting, it hasn't been a problem on this Nook--there was some every five pages or so on the NST. (Just as an aside, I was looking at a Kindle Paperwhite at a store and noticed that ghosting was quite prominent.)