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    Personalizing Wallpaper (HD+)

      I have been trying to use some personal pictures as my wallpaper for my HD+ but each time I try, the pictures are lower quality and cut off.  Has anyone had any luck with this or know what format the pictures should be?  Any help is appreciated!

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          I have been playing around with wallpaper this morning also.  I found a cloud picture and sized it to 1920 X 1920 for lack of knowing what exact size I should be using.  I saved it as a .jpg file.  


          I moved it to the photo folder on my Nook HD+


          Where I have problems is how it sizes it to your screen.  I have a problem with the Crop feature.  It tends to blow the picture up too much.  If I drag the dots larger, it makes it blow up even MORE.  


          I just said "crop" and let it do it's thing.  The NT also used to do this.  It would be nice if it would just take the image and use it without expecting you to crop it, especially if the pixel size is correct...


          If you have any tips, I'd be interested as what comes on the Nook HD+ is paltry at best.




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              The best luck I've had with my HD+ is getting pics that are 1920x1280 and when you go to set it as your wallpaper, drag the edges of the crop box to maximum size. It should nearly cover the whole image.


              Then crop, this should work. Being that the entire image isn't used (for portrait and lanscape) I would suggest getting even higher resolution wallpapers.


              Hope this has helped, and if anyone has anything to add, please do.

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                  The Nook Tablet would do this too unless you had the size perfect, which for that device was 1024 x 840, but this doesn't work for the HD.  The Tablet had 3 panels of viewable area whereas the HD has 5.  Your tip on 1920 x 1280 comes very close, thanks for that.  The 1280 height seems dead on, but the width is just slightly too wide.  It would be nice to know the exact resolution to avoid cropping altogether, if this is possible with the newer models.  I'll keep playing with it, if I can find one that works I'll post again.

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                I played around with this for a long time, and the best way that I found is by sticking a smaller picture on top of a plain colored background using paint.


                The picture I used was 726x1000 (just a random fan art I found online).


                I first opened that picture with paint and copied it, then I opened a new, blank paint, and set the size to 1920x1280.


                I made the entire background black using the fill tool (black matched the rest of my picture the best), and then pasted my picture on top of it. I recommend you do any recoloring of your background before pasting the picture, as you will have a better chance of getting a clean edge on your pictures, without having any strange white specks around the border. Also if possible, it would be a good idea to use a picture with a clean border. :smileyhappy:


                I centered the picture the best I could just by eyeballing, and saved it (make sure to save this file under a different name than the original picture, just in case something goes wrong and you need to try again).


                Then I transferred it over to my nook as usual (into the pictures folder).


                When I set the picture as my wallpaper on the nook, I resized the crop until it highlighted the entire picture (not all of the black background, just as much of the actual picture as I wanted showing), and then hit crop and let it do its thing. It came out pretty much perfect, using very little of the black background, but all of the main picture that I wanted to use.



                If you do end up using this process and the picture you want to use is very large, I would suggest resizing it using paint or whatever program you prefer until it's a bit smaller. If you make sure to keep the box checked that says "maintain aspect ratio" you shouldn't see any distortion, and when transferred to the nook, you should see very little pixelization.


                As a side note, if you prefer not to use plain white/black or otherwise colored backgrounds, you could even look around online for an appropriately sized textured one that matches your picture. The process should be the same, just paste your picture on top of the textured background instead of the plain one.


                Hope this helps.

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                  I have the HD, but I'm pretty sure this will help you anyway. You need to use a large picture. The more pixels the better! Smaller pixel size will get you blurry desktops.


                  I just recently downloaded a photo that is 1920x1200. I saved it into the Gallery. Then when I selected it for wallpaper on the Nook, I expanded the crop box as large as it would go on the picture. Tapped crop and voila! It worked. It seems the larger, the better, to take advantage of the HD quality of the screen. There are tons of gorgeous pics here: http://wall.alphacoders.com/


                  Out of curiosity I checked on the size of the preloaded wallpaper named Moby Dick, with the little whale? It's 2820x1920 pixels. 


                  I hope that helps.


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                      I also have been struggling with this for weeks and had been told by a B&N Tech Rep that it was not possible to do. Well, thanks to this thread, I did it.  I used the 2820x1920 resolution, and while it wasn't a perfect fit, it was close enough for me.  I didn't realize that it covers all five of the pages and was trying to use a vertical image.  For me, horizontal images works much better.  I wish that I knew the exact resolution that would incorporate the full image, perhaps I will experiment.  Now, I am much happier with my HD+.  I loved my tablet, and worked half of today making my screens look more like my tablet.  From my perspective, the Tablet was much easier to use.  I hope that with experience, I will like the HD+ as much as the Tablet.  Thanks to all for your help.

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                      2048x1152 size works for me. I like to use the Picsart app on the Google play store to automatically crop it to that size for added convenience.
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                        I found a solution! Here it is:


                        1. In Photoshop or other image processing software, crop and resize your image to 1920 pixels horizontal by 1280 pixels vertical. This is landscape orientation. If your image is portrait, crop the best landscape portion of it. Save the cropped/resized image, and copy it to your HD+.


                        2. "Hold" the home screen until the menu appears, then tap the Wallpapers tab. Select your image.


                        3. The image will display with a crop box over it. This is a large rectangle with two smaller rectangles inside. Ignore the small interior rectangles!


                        4. Drag opposite corners of the large rectangle until it is as wide as possible. This should enclose your entire image. Ignore the small interior rectangles!These rectangles show the portion of your image that will appear on the center panel (only) of the home screen (see #6 below).


                        5. Tap Crop. The Nook thinks for a while, then displays your image as wallpaper. Tap Done.


                        6. Your image is spread out across the home screen's five "panels." Swipe left and right to reach the other panels. The left edge of your image should be visible on the leftmost panel, and the right edge should be visible on the rightmost panel.

                        Summary: Make your image 1920 pixels wide by 1280 pixels high. Copy to HD+. Open Wallpapers tab. Expand outer crop box to enclose entire image. Ignore small interior rectangles. Tap Crop. Tap Done.


                        That's it. There might be other solutions or image sizes you could use. This method works for me. I'm pleased to have a selection of my astronomy images available to use for wallpaper.


                        I hope this tip is helpful to others.


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                          I went through all this with my NOOKcolor years ago. I just bought a NOOK HD+ yesterday. I tried a photo the same size as the screen-- 1920 x 1280 pixels with a resolution of 256 PPI (pixels per inch). It forced me to crop is a LOT. Then I read the post by Breadknitter--the size of the NOOK supplied wallpaper is 2820x1920. I used Corel PaintShop Photo Pro to create a solid black background of that size and 256 PPI. I added a photo collage on top of the background and saved it as a jpeg. The NOOK would not let me use anywhere near the full size image. So, I went back to my photo editing program and modified the image to 1026 PPI with the same 2820x1920 pixel size. It is exactly the same image but it displays smaller if a display or program uses the PPI setting instead of just the actual pixel size. This came up with a very slight crop. It works fine. I'm pretty sure the cropping is done using inches (or cm), but the display is in pixels. By using a large value for PPI, you make the image smaller during the crop but it displays correctly afterward.


                          I think the NOOK programmers intended (unfortunately) to force us to crop the image slightly. I don't know why, but my 2820x1920 image with 1024PPI works great. I now have a nice wallpaper with photos of my wife and our “little” (sophomore in college) girl. Good luck!