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    HELP ME!!

      Is everyone publishing on Pubit! uploading an NCX file with their book file or just their txt., doc., docx., or html. file? Is an NCX file required? If so, is there anyone or any company that does it, because i have tried Calibre and Sigil and i can't figure out their programming either?

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          Word 97-2003 works jusy fine!

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            I used Microsoft Word 2010 for both of my novels and everything worked fine.  The only thing I noticed was that bullets do not show up properly once the document is converted into the ePub format.  If you can, I would recommend saving your book as a Word document and going from there. 


            Secrets: A Willow Ryan Novel

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              I used word (.doc)  It uploaded with no problem and then you can view it in their nook simulation viewer to make sure everything looks the way yoy want it to. I had to play around with mine several times in order for it to appear the way I wanted. I eneded up having to delete my page numbers and using page breaks in order for the chapters to end correctly.


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