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    Help please!

      I just got my nookcolor for Christmas and I have been reading through the user guides to get the jist of things but I can't seem to figure out how to delete the sample books I had downloaded. I deleted them from my B&N.com library account, but they are still on my nook. How would I remove them from it?

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          If you have indeed deleted the sample files from your acount page on bn.com, then all you need to do is:


          1) Go into "My Library" on your NOOKcolor

          2) Click the "swirling arrows" icon on the bottom left to sync the unit to your online account

          3) Enjoy a cleaned-up NOOKlibrary  :smileyhappy:

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            How long ago did you delete them from your BN library?  It usually takes my books a few minutes to sync up.  On your library page on your Nook, in the lower left corner is a little "sync" symbol.  Hit that and see if that syncs everything up.  It's also useful if you purchase a book on your PC and want it to hurry up and show up on your Nook.


            Edit:  Well, I type too slowly.  Schwa already suggested this :smileytongue: