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    Vendor Account

      I'm trying to publish direct through B&N after experiences with my first short story. I'd included B&N with the Smashword distribution on my first book, but haven't been able to find it anywhere on the site even weeks later. My eBook has shown up at the other distributors just fine. So I thought direct publishing would be best.


      I've applied for a vendor account with Nook Press and just received an email saying I needed to call them to confirm some information on my account. I was connected pretty quickly but the connection was on the poor side. I think he told me that all I needed to do was include my middle initial with my tax information to be approved. Either after my first name or my last name. Which is kinda stupid because there's no prompt on the site for that. The real problem is that because it's being reviewed it won't let me edit any of the information to include that letter.


      Is this something I have to wait out, or --as I'm starting to worry-- should I give up publishing at B&N directly and just let Smashwords deal with the hassel?