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    Nov payment?

      I first started publishing in Nov and by the end of nov, I had about $50 in US sales.  So, I've met the $10 threshold.  So far, no payment.  And more than that, nothing in my sales info that a payment has been sent.  No payment IDs to speak of.  Ideas?  I did change my bank info in mid January, if that could be the problem?  But i would have thought there would be a payment ID at the end of Jan for my November sales.   Am I incorrect? 

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          No, you are correct. I would try my hand at contacting Pubit@bn.com and seeing where that gets you. Did you happen to go over your banking info inside Pubit? Others have come in here in the past with the same problem as you and after a quick re-look over their banking info, their payment was processed. You have to type in all information. Cut and paste will not work. Why? We don't know.



          Let us know how it goes . . .



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            I got an email from B&N saying the money was in transit, toward the end of January.


            Does your My Sales section confirm that you earned more than $10 in November? Over on the right, does it show a November payment?

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                Yes I made a little over $59.00 bucks in Nov. But in the "Payments issued" on the right it shows no payments have been sent yet in my account. Like I said, they did reply they were looking into it to find out why payment has not been sent yet. But so far nothing.