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    Will B&N be discounting Carrie Jones' "Need"?

      I noticed that Carrie Jones' "Need" has just been discounted for the Kindle -- it's $1.59 for the Kindle. However, the nook price is $9.99, the same as that as the paperback. (I know the price because it's on my wishlist, but I don't want to buy it for $9.99 when I can get the paperback for less because of my B&N membership and coupons, various discount coupons from the Other Place, discounts on paper books at Tar-Mart, etc.)


      Sniffle. I do hope the power that be will work with the publishers and restore fairness and equity for all. In other words, I hope this book will soon be reduced in price for the nook as well. :smileywink: