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    Off-Topic Reviews on B & N Nook Books

      I realized this may have already been discussed on earlier threads, but I have been unable to find them in a quick search this morning.


      I have a few free short stories available for the Nook as well as some novels that I do charge for. On some of my short stories and now on one of my novels, there are several off-topic reviews that basically seem like a method for individuals to communicate in some strange way, like a chat room. I flag them for review as soon as I see them, but it seems like at least a month or more goes by before they are removed. By then, several more posts are added to the comment chain. Most, if not all, are posted anonymously.


      Have others experienced this?


      My recommendation to B & N would be to stop allowing anonymous reviews. Maybe there would be a way for requiring people to register an account to post, but not have their ID posted on the actual review. If there were issues with a post, it could still be traced to a person, if needed. I realize this would reduce the number of people willing to post reviews, but with the current state of the reviews, this seems like the best option.


      Thank you,


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          Yeah, it's been mentioned here before; readers turning book reviews into personal forums. If BN paid us better attention, you could probably report the 'reviews' and they'd be removed. Who knows, maybe they'll come in here and see this and remove them anyway.


          Either way, I'd flag the reviews as inappropriate.

          Good Luck :smileyhappy:

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            I think it was on Kindleboards that I read a long thread about this. Some here have had a bad time with kids role playing on B&N because they were restricted on other sites. V&N did remove the reviews.
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              I have complained to B&N customer service about this repeatedly and each time have hit the corporate runaround wall. Unfortunately until we all collectively make a big enough stink about it, they'll continue to not care. My suggestion to them was one I've seen repeatedly on these help boards, which is to simply institute a waiting period before the reviews post. I seem to remember years ago that B&N.com had one, but I'm sure pressure for instant gratification by users did away with that. Until it's reinstated, these kids are going to continue unchecked to destroy the credibility and integrity of the book review boards. It's going to get harder and harder for true lovers of literature to find a reputable online outlet for intelligent discussion because at this point, the B&N.com book reviews are a laughable joke.

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                  Still no solution to this problem. I just read about 5 reviews where the "review" was a complaint about the book being a "Free Friday" choice. Seriously? I flag those as "off topic or inappropriate" comment when I come across them, but I really wish there was a better solution, snce the comments skew the ratings.