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    Trouble With Library Books in ADE After Update

      If anyone can help me, I'd greatly appreciate it.  I've already tried several suggestions I've read on here, but I'm still having trouble.


      I had the update sideloaded on to my nook at a Barnes and Noble store today.  I am now totally regretting it.  Now I can't access my library books.


      First, I tried resideloading the library books as I'd usually do it when they are new.  ADE recognizes that there is a nook connected.  I don't get any message telling me to authorize my nook.  I get an error message that says there is" no permission to copy document here" whenever I try to drag the title to the nook.


      I've tried to follow the advice in a FrogAlum post that said to delete the Digital Editions file.  I'm on an iMac, and I don't really get the option to "delete" it, but I've put it in the trash from the nook and from the documents file, yet it's like the file keeps reappearing.  I don't know if the iMac makes a difference.


      I've tried connecting the nook before I open ADE.  It recognizes the nook, but never tells me to authorize it.


      I've tried connecting the nook after I open ADE.  It never recognizes a nook.


      I can never get a message asking me to authorize the nook no matter which way I try it.


      Can anyone help?  Thank you.

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          I had this problem too. ADE did not recognize my NC. I installed and uninstalled ADE and it wasnt's seeing it. I finally forced the authorization. Highlight media (which is what ADE calls my NC) THen at the top where it says library, open that and there's an option to authorize computer and then it finally asked me if I wanted to authorize my device. 


          If that does not help, then I would contact ADE. I know that there are limited amount of devices allowed to use each account, if you've used them up, you may need to have more added.


          Hope this helps.

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            Thank you for the idea.  I tried opening ADE after connecting my nook (That's the only way ADE recognizes it.)  On mine, it says "Nook."  After clicking on "Nook" I went to "Library" and was only able to authorize the computer (or rather confirm that the computer was authorized.)  I never got an opportunity to authorize the nook itself again.  I tried it several times, hoping that option may produce itself, but it hasn't so far.  Is there something I'm missing?


            I've spent 90+ minutes with nook support people who only made my problems worse.  I've also tried Apple's support to see if Time Machine would be able to help, but that won't be helpful in my situation.  I've reinstalled ADE.  I've also spoken with Adobe's support line and now have a case with them and am waiting to hear back via email.


            I'm so regretting this update mess.  I wish I would have left well enough alone. 

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              It does appear that it was that hidden file.  We had a tough time finding it.  An Adobe forum had an old post which helped out with finding and deleting it.  Once we did that successfully, I did get the prompt to authorize the nook again.  However, at first I still couldn't sideload the library book.  I had to delete (not return) the book from ADE and re-download it from my account on my library website.  Then I was finally able to load the book on to the nook.  


              Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my questions.  You were a lot more helpful than all the time I spent on hold with support people.  You'd think they should know about the hidden files.

              Now I'll be able to resume reading my library book.