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    apps won't finish installing

      when I purchase an app....it downloads.....and then it says installing.......but it never finishes installing.....  it just stays with a gray lined box under the icon showing it is installing.....but the box never goes away and the app is never usable.  I have tried archiving the app, and then UNarchiving it.   I have totally powered off my nook...... and then turned on again........ but it is still the same.  The original apps on the nook are just fine..... but the newer ones that I have purchased all have this problem.

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          Hey there, I just experienced the same problem for a couple days and so I know how frustrating it is.  Maybe I can help? I did a lot of research too, but for some reason I couldn't find anybody who had an answer. So here's what I did, and it worked:


          After just simply turning my NC on and off ridiculously, I read on how to do a more permanent reboot by pressing the power button and the "n" button at the same time. When the screen fuzzed out, I said I wanted to go through with it, and gave it about five minutes to just sit there.  After that, I turned it on normally and when everything had seemingly loaded, I went ahead and immediately made sure my WiFi was turned on. This way, I wouldn't have that as an excuse if anything didn't work.  When I finally got all of that figured out, which didn't take long at all, the apps (DoodleJumpDeluxe, FTW) downloaded themselves and appeared on my home screen without me having to do anything.  Maybe I just got lucky, but it was the strangest thing.  It seems like that way to turn off the NC shouldn't always be done (?), according to my research, but I got so tired of waiting around staring at the gray lined boxes that I had to do something.  I hope this helps, or maybe you found someone else to help.


          FYI- When i rebooted it, the NC seemed a lil slow at first, so I would definitely give it time to come back up to speed.  But, if this does keep occurring, I'll probably have to take it back, even though I take such great care of it :smileysad: