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    How Do I get a Response?

      I have emailed PubIt twice at the email address on their site. They have not paid me from November, and I am very frustrated at their lack of response. Any suggestions?!

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          any response?  I still have heard nothing.

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            Support from B&N is something I am unable to comment on YET because I just sent off my first email to have someone find out why some of my books are stuck in Processing, one for several days past their 72 hour estimated maximum.


            However, based on what I've read here and already know from my experiences at Amazon, author support, especially (I'll wager) support for indie authors is given as much importance as a single leaf that fell off a tree into a yard.


            Why is this so?  I wish an insider would take the time to explain it just once.


            Part of the problem as I see it, is that a single independent author with a few titles means "NOTHING" to companies like Amazon & B&N.  Now, as a whole, we represent something that catches their attention but there is no 'representative' for us, no indie writer's labor union, no spokesperson who can get past automated key word based auto responses, etc.