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    Notification Won't Go Away...


      I just received a notification on NST saying "Low on space - Storage space is getting low."  So I checked my settings and for the nook itself it says 'Available storage: 235MB free of 236MB.  100%'  I also check the SD card and it says '3.68GB free of 3.68GB.  100%'


      Obviousy I am a bit confused by the message as the device tells me I have plenty of storage space available, but the notification will not go away.  I have also tried turning completely off and restarting and it is still there... Any ideas?

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          You've run into the problem of the Nook disk split personality.  There are basically two separate storage areas, one for the books you download wirelessly from B&N, and the other for the books you manually copy to it using the USB cable, what they call "sideloading".  The sideloading area includes any SD card you may have.  Your sideloading disk space is wide open, but your B&N download space is just about full.  What many people do is to download their older books to their PC and sideload them to the Nook, then archive them which removes them from the main download memory.  Or you can just archive the older books.  They will be available to unarchive and re-download should you want to re-read them later.

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              MacMcK1957 wrote:

              They will be available to unarchive and re-download should you want to re-read them later.

              They *MAY* be available to re-download later.  It's rare, but sometimes the publisher transfers the rights back to the author, is found to be in breach of contract for a mistake, or is redoing the ebook (creating a new ebook edition) and the book isn't available to re-download.  So if you choose not to sideload, make sure to still back up all your books on your computer (via Nook for PC or NookStudy) before archiving.  That way if you can't re-download for some reason, you have a backup copy that you can sideload.