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    Nook Color Charger issues

      I determined that the charger gets hotter the lower the batt. At 20. - 30% it gets almost to hot to touch. Starting Above 50% it is warm. Even starting at 20% it will cool when it gets above 70 to 80%.


      mbratch posted a great explanation ;  "The charging current in a charger is higher when the battery level is lower. And the charging current abates as the battery charges. Or stated another way, the battery charges slower and slower as it approaches full charge"



      Mine does not heat up enough to leave skin. It isn't even uncommon for chargers to be hot when working hard. It does get hot enough to be quite uncomfortable to hold on to. I would not be very concerned had I not read several posts (here and other forums) about the melting and the adverse affects on the NC when plugged in. My NC functions the same weather plugged in or not so I figure I have a working charger.


      I AM curious to see what other people find.


       The ones that melt are most likely defective and need replaced.Do not take any chances.


      It would be helpful if we had more data.


      Please post results.


      ** I am going to try and get this thread stickied**

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          I always understood that it is best to let the battery discharge as much as possible in order to prolong battery life. Is this true?
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            dvt88 wrote:
            I always understood that it is best to let the battery discharge as much as possible in order to prolong battery life. Is this true?

            I've heard that as well. As a rule of thumb, I usually let my Nooks (Classic and Color) display their "time to recharge" screens before I get out the chargers. I figure those screens were designed into both systems for a reason, and I follow them to the letter to be on the safe side.

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              From what Ive heard it is best to NOT let charge go lower than 25% +/-  and only charge to 90% +/- . I have followed this method and it seems to work. I know quite a few people that dont and they are always complaining that the run time on thier device( phone, ipod etc) is not as good as when it was new. This is just an oppinion.. Results May Vary. :smileyhappy: 



              ** The 90% is less important then letting drop below 25% IMO**

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                The idea of always discharging a battery almost completely before recharging is obsolete information dating back to NiCd batteries. The phenomenon of losing capacity by recharging a partially charged battery is called "memory". The newer NiMH and, especially, Lithium batteries have almost no memory effect, so you should feel free to recharge your battery at any point. In fact, the battery can be damaged by real deep discharge cycles. Devices, like the NC, will force a shutdown long before that deep discharge point is reached.


                Two slight caveats:

                1) You might want to occasionally let the battery discharge down to where the NC shuts off. This is primarily for calibrating the NC's notion of what a full battery cycle looks like. Sometimes the reported percentage full can get out of whack with the battery as it ages, and this allows the NC to relearn what the discharge curve really is.


                2) If you store your NC for a long time (e.g. months), it is best for battery longevity to have the battery partially discharged-not full, not empty-while it is being stored.

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                  To withfeeling: thank you for the really good info.
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                     We have a color nook and it was near empty. We plugged it in to the charger and it melted. We called B&N and they said it's under warranty and they are sending a replacement charger.  OK, good temp fix, but this belongs to my son.  I don't want him to be burned in the future and I certainly don't want a fire in my home.


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                      I have a different problem, my charger connection that goes into the nook color has been loose and now broke. Has anyone else had this problemI don't like the fact that you have to have the charger from B & N, so now I just have to wait.

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                        IMO-- USB cable/charger is a big problem
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                        charger is killing me!!
                        2 weeks ago

                        Ok ok... so here's my story: I bought my NOOKcolor back in December, I noticed the problem as soon as I plugged in my nook and the charger just wouldn't go in all the way and it was only charging if i held it at a certain angle. I figured I was doing something wrong so I went to my Barnes & Noble store and the associate I talked to gave the charger a good shove and miracle of miracles, it started working perfectly. I figured I just had to show a little tough love to my nook so despite my fears of destroying the charger port I followed the associates example. It worked that way for a couple of months and then I noticed the charger getting loose and finally just bending, and breaking. Still thinking it was my fault, I went back to my B&N store and bought a new charger. And guess what????  IT HAPPENED AGAIN!!!  And those things are not cheap... Ughhh... So I called B&N  NOOkcolor support and they say they are sending me a new charger. I am very suspicious of these chargers now. Has anyone had a similar problem or am I just having a string of unfortunate events?



                        Also at the very top right corner of my screen it looks like I have some dead pixels... those were there the very first time I turned my nook on... they don't look dangerous, but still. I feel like I was jipped.

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                         Re: charger is killing me!!
                        2 weeks ago
                        If you check back to the beginning of this forum, you will find an unsettling, scary number of posts regarding charger/cable failure. There are not as many posts on the general forum but there are some. I recently contacted CS because mine also failed like yours. CS immediately offered to send a new cable to me and did not want the old cable returned. I have had my NC only since Dec. so still under warranty. My concernis when replacement cable fails--and I have no doubt that it will--I will have to pay for the replacement. These cables have a design flaw which needs to be solved and then all our lemon cables should be recalled and replaced--before they ruin our NC which will be a much more costly replacement
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                          i am about to scream and buy my 3rd charger...my chargers seem to last about 2 months then they are toast, I just plugged brand new charger #2 into my nook this evening and it simply is not charging...i've tried plugging it into several sockets, connecting to my lap top, nothing....any advice?

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                            This is me.  I just got my Nook in June & by August the charger was falling apart.  This thing wasn't cheap.  It and all of its parts, should last more than two months.  :smileysad:

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                              I hav e had the same experience with my charger. I have brought two since January. There is definitely a flaw.
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                                serious design flaw!!!  got my NC in July, that charger broke by the first of August, now the replacement one has broken.

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                                  Purchased my Color Nook November 2010 and approximately 6 months later the charger connector failed (bent and broke).  Felt like it was my fault but found out that I could get a free replacement from Barnes and Noble by calling and giving them my serial number off my Nook.  Wasn't too hassled by customer service and it was free.  I knew it was only a matter of time that the replacement would fail and it just did.  I have treated it very carefully and never read the Nook while it charged.  I am totally disgusted with the design flaw of this charging unit.  I will never buy another Nook.  Will be trying to get another replacent charger but doubt they will send it for free.  They need to recall these and apologize for ripping off their customers.

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                                    Hope someone has some tips on how to maintain chargers and not have to replace them!! What give? Why all the problems?



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