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    Sony e-book gift cards discounted at Target this week


      Via Teleread, via An American Editor:


      Target is advertising $25 Sony Reader Store e-book gift cards for $15 through the 17th (Saturday); that's 40% off.


      Check out the bottom of page 19 of the weekly ad. It's the almost illegible black rectangle next to the AT&T card.


      Teleread notes that the card should be usable on 'Agency 5' books, so here's your chance to "stick it to The Man".


      Observation: Target will be carrying Kindle starting the 25th, and Kindle can't use e-books from Sony's Reader Store. Any connection? I dunno.


      Updated to clarify: For those who haven't used Sony Reader Store: they don't sell directly from the Web site. You need to buy—and download—e-books from them using their free "reader" software. Your Sony account's e-mail address must be the same as your Adobe ID for Adobe Digital Editions. The e-books you buy will be downloaded into a directory maintained by Sony Reader, and then you can use Adobe Digital Editions to load them into your nook. (If your nook is already authorized by ADE, you should be able to just sideload the e-book normally.)