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    When are we getting paid?

      I have emailed B&N Support several times and not ONCE have I received a reply.


      I was paid for the sales in September/October, but the payment they SAY they made is NOT what was deposited in my bank account.


      To date, I have not yet received any other payments, either for November nor to correct the first erroneous payment.


      ANY RESPONSE would be nice at this point. I find it difficult to believe NO ONE can answer my messages.


      J.M. Snyder

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          I'm with you. I've not even been paid for October yet. I'm waiting a day or two to see if I'll even be paid for November. I've e-mailed B&N enough already. No money, I'm out of here. There are other options, ones that pay on time and don't have technical issues every day of the week.

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            I've been wondering about that too.  I've had novels on B&N since August and have never received a payment.  Sales were slow at first, but now I'm doing okay, with three novels.


            I put up my novels on B&N almost simultaneously with Amazon.  Have been paid twice from Amazon.  Nothing from B&N.


            99 cent sale on each


            The Necromancer  - paranormal 


            Midnight Reflections  - romantic suspense


            The Living Image  - thriller

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              The last thing I want or need is another publisher that owes me money and won't pay. I had to sue for rights back on my books last year from my publisher that currently owes me five-figures that I will probably never see.


              This is very disheartening all the way around as my books are selling very well at bn.

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                I was paid for Oct right on time, however it was about 3% short.


                I've heard nothing on Nov payment. I've already been paid by Amazon and Amazon UK for Nov.

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                  "I was paid for Oct right on time, however it was about 3% short.


                  I've heard nothing on Nov payment. I've already been paid by Amazon and Amazon UK"




                  My situation exactly. I love how there has been no explanation as to just where in the world our money is... I mean, who could possibly care right?

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                    Last month they paid October sales on December 30 at 4:30PM (when I received the e-mail that I was paid). I am expecting at least an e-mail by the end of today or at some point tomorrow saying the money is heading toward my account. If it's not in my account by Thursday/Friday - I'll start getting a bit cranky. On that note - we have to remember that it's not in PubIt's best interest (nor Barnes and Noble's) to stiff us because then they have a huge lawsuit on their hands. Unless they plan on filing for bankruptcy and then no author in their right mind would trust them to distribute their books after that. And I suspect readers would be very upset to hear that so many authors were taken for thousands of dollars by a huge corporation, causing even more issues. No - would not be in their best interest at all. Which is why I think it's premature to worry. However - those of you who HAVE NOT been paid yet for October and you have made above the minimum sales it takes to get paid -- Umm, I'd be making double-triple sure your bank and tax info is correct and I wouldn't let up. Find a phone number if you can and call daily until the situation is resolved. If it gets stupid, hire an attorney.

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                      I just got a notice that the payment had been made. Will probably take a couple of days to show up in my account, but notice is always a positive start.

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                        I don't think it's a trust issue, at least it's not for me. I believe payments will come. The issue is the EXTREMELY POOR Customer Service and communication on the part of B&N.


                        I too was paid for Oct sales only the amount reported earned, the amount reported paid and the amount actually paid are all different. Yea, they had glitches and finally notified publishers of this. However, we have yet to hear anything further about the glitch fix and have yet to receive the shorted amount. Will that amount be included in the Nov payment? Perhaps, but a note saying what is going on would be nice and ward off ill feelings and potential bad press.

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                          I have been paid by B&N.  I had issues at Amazon because their direct deposits would not work with my savings or brokerage accounts.  I opened a checking account just for direct deposits and now everything works.  So far so good, knock on wood. 


                          My bank does not charge a fee for direct deposit, but if the amount you receive is short of what you expect, make sure your bank didn't take a vig for the direct deposit.  Also, you won't get paid if there is less than $10 owed to you. 

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                            "I was paid for Oct right on time, however it was about 3% short.


                            Same here.  I was paid on the last day of Dec, but the amount deposited doesn’t match the amount shown on my "My Sales" tab.  I’m glad to hear this happened with others, too.   It gives me hope it’s a system issue that BN will fix soon.  (And I don’t have a direct deposit fee associated with my bank account, as far as I know, because my Amazon payments match their statements exactly.) 


                            I did get the email about a payment made today, also, but I haven’t see it show up in “My Sales” or at my bank yet.  Hopefully soon!


                            (P.S.  *waving to Jana*)


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                              Well last month they sent us the payment email and the direct deposit arrived four days later.  I received my email saying that I was going to  get paid today.  I would bet it will arrive in about 4 days...

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                                My guess is that the email goes out on the day they process the wire transfers. The speed of the wire transfers depends on their bank and your own bank. My amazon payment hit within one day of the notice, but YMMV depending on where you bank.


                                Hi Gemma!

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                                  It seems reasonable. It usually takes a few days before a direct deposit hits the account, just like the email says. I agree the communication on BN sucks, but it is not a scam or other stupid accusation. For those who REALLY have not been paid, really check with your bank. You would be amazed at the things that can stop a transaction at some banks, misspelled name, different address, etc. Or call them at 1-800-Thebook (hope that still works)

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                                    Not yet paid for last month, let alone this month.


                                    Contacted my banks. They've heard nothing from BN.


                                    Checked my account information with BN. Everything looked fine.


                                    When BN told me that had problems, I gave them a different account.


                                    Checked that information. It looked fine.


                                    Four e-mails to BN since? Not a single one of them answered.


                                    Do I think it's a scam? No, not at all. I think it's two things. I think someone is not doing their job. And I think BN must have a corporate atmosphere that has little interest in their customers or suppliers.


                                    Though I could be wrong.


                                    'Course I've had none of these problems with the half dozen or so other online venues I do business with on a regular basis, from other major corporations to small mom-and-pops.


                                    And I no longer buy the "they weren't prepared for the holiday rush" BS. That was good a month ago, maybe even three weeks ago. But I've worked for enough corporations myself that if there were ever technical issues as bad as the ones Pubit! has had over the last month, everyone in the IT departments would have been pulled in and would have worked around the clock until the problems were solved or at least working tolerably. I don't see that here. I see an "oh, we'll get to it when we get to it" attitude, and "no, we won't contact you to tell you anything" attitude.


                                    Am I squeaking the wheel a little too much? Maybe. But I've pretty much had it with BN. And what do I have to lose, because they're already NOT paying me. Ban my account? Oh, boy, scare me with that one. If I'm not getting paid, it doesn't really matter if I have an account or not, now does it?

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