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    eReader.com DRM Content on Nook Tablet?



      I have hundreds of books that I have purchased through eReader.com over the past 11 years. They are DRM-protected pdb files. Is there a way of viewing them through the new Tablet or converting them for use? eReader.com is owned by Barnes & Noble but I have not received any help through their customer service and am unable to find help with this issue. Thanks.

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          Unfortunately, pdbs are not supported on NCs and NTs. Many of us brought this to the attention of B&N staff when the NC came out. First, see if on your ereader account, they are now offered for download as epubs. If not there are tools that can help to remove the DRM that are listed on mibile read, or can be found by googling. This is only for your personal, purchased books and is by some, considered a legal gray area, but most consider it covered by Fair Use.
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              Thanks. I found this on my own but it should be a legal, santioned addition to the Nook. I do not like legal gray areas and do not contribute to piracy. I agree that since I bought the content and do not intend to share it illegally that I should be alright, but since the content is owned by Barnes & Noble I should not have to. It is a pain to remove the DRM and convert it to ePub. I have 400 books and it is taking hours to download and go through this process.

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              I've had an issue with the tablet not reading the PDB format.  I just bought the tablet just after Thanksgiving (2011) and  was shopping for a book on editing fiction. I found the selection limited. Later I decided to do my shopping on my laptop and bought this book, which I hadn't seen on the tablet.


              Write Great Fiction - Revision And Self-Editing

              James Scott Bell


              When I transferred it to my tablet, it showed up with a "?" shortcut. Several phone calls later, I discovered that I should only buy things FROM my tablet. (Good to know, since I wasn't warned that some things won't run on the tablet.)


              I like my tablet very much, and I appreciate the phone support. But I hope that B&N either fixes the software (or firmware) to run the older formats or puts a lot of heat on the publishers to convert their older books. Otherwise, users are going to be disappointed pretty quickly with a reading device with a short list of readable titles.

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                  If you download the Calibre software, you can convert the pdb file to an epub file and be able to read it on your Nook. That is what I did for all of my pdb files and I have no problems. The only other thing that you need to keep in mind is that you will only see these files if you create a shelf where you will see them. They will not automatically show up in your library. I hope this helps. If you need any help with this, pm me.