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    Root now or later ?

      I have read a lot about rooting my NC and have not yet.  I want to see what the “NEW” upgrade will include.  Should I wait until the new release or root my NC now?  If I root now, what will I need to do after B&N announces the new OS?  From what is on the discussion boards a re-root will be needed after the new OS is installed.  Also, will there be a new Auto-nooter for the new OS? I know, a lot of questions, but have looked into rooting and still have questions.  Rooting looks like a great way to go, but want to make sure I understand before I “go for it”.    THANKS

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          You're in the same boat with all the rest of us who know enough to be dangerous.  I think a lot of us are just waiting for the upgrade to come out.  From what I can tell, the biggest ticket items people are waiting for is an Adobe Flash upgrade and the ability to handle PDF's more like a book (bookmarks, last page read . . .).  I'm guessing that if BN doesn't come through with these (plus a few more), there will be a lot of disappointed people.


          Personally, I love being able to hop onto a WiFi place to check my email and browse the web a little.  That's why I bought mine (other than for the ereader aspect).  The fact that you're riddled with little blue boxes instead of pictures and videos, was kind of a bummer for me.


          I'd say hang in there a little longer.  Maybe BN's reason for taking so long for the upgrade is because they're trying to give us users what we've asked for.

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            Keep in mind this is only MY opinion. 


            We don't when the update is coming.  Using autonooter is a very simple process and for every day you wait, you are missing all the things your NC is capable of doing. 


            When and if the update comes, if it is not a spectacular update,,,,then it will be only a matter of hours before someone comes up with fix root.....



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              OK, my opinion is to root your nook now.  I used Cyanogen Mod 7 (CM7)* with Dalingrin's overclock kernel (running at 1.1 GHz) and not only is it stable, I got full access to the Android Market, AND I got my bluetooth GPS receiver to work.  I am thinking about getting a bluetooth keyboard and turning my Nook Color into a nice netbook.


              If anyone here can connect a USB keyboard directly to the nook and have it work, then please send me a message and point me in the right direction.



              * == Nightly 29


              The link for how to mod your nook color is here:




              and here: