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    Nook HD+ Parental Controls & Profiles Details

      Nook Profiles - Everything You Wanted To Know




      I'll cover as much as I can about Nook Profiles. First, a screenshot of the Profiles settings page which shows everything you can set -





      How to get to Profiles and Change Profiles


      There's nothing in Settings (strange).


      On your Nook HD+ or Nook HD home page: At the top left will be your Profile Name. Swipe Down on the top left of the screen where your Name/Profile Name is.


      So just drag your finger down from where the Profile Name is listed. This will show you a List of Profiles. There will also be two additional buttons:


      Add Adult Profile.

      Add Child Profile.


      Let's start with Child Profiles. Tap on 'Add Child Profile' to start.



      I - Child Profiles



      First step after choosing 'Child Profile' is adding gender, name, and age for your Child. You also have to accept a privacy policy.


      Note: You can't proceed until you click on the privacy policy link + check the box.




      Second Step is you get to choose parental controls.


      This is from Nook HD+. There are the following options when you set up a Child Profile. You can enable or disable each:


      1) Browse Nook Shop


      Assuming this is to allow browsing the Nook Shop.


      2) Password Protect Purchases in Shop


      Assuming this turns on password protection of purchases.


      3) Make Shopping Kid Friendly


      Not sure what 'kid friendly' means.


      4) Access My Files in Library


      Assuming this is to allow/disallow access to files in the library.


      5) Browse the Web


      *Web Access on or off. When disabled the 'Web' button in the main menu disappears (only when in this Child account).


      6) Reads for Kids


      Note sure what this is.


      7) Apps for Kids


      Allow kid-friendly apps.


      8) Video for Kids


      Allows Video.


      8b) Allow Access to Movies & TV Shows with ratings.


      Here you can choose what ratings are allowed for your child. There's G, PG, PG13, TVY, TVY7, TVG, TV14.


      You can choose one or more.


      9) Games for Kids


      Assuming this allows kid friendly games.




      Third Step is you get Age-Appropriate 'Interests' recommendations for your child and you must select at least one.


      You have to select one or more 'interests' for your child from things like: Baby Favorites, Stories Every Kid Should Know, Animal Tales, Bedtime Stories, Family & Friends, Picture Books, Silly Fun.


      Based on your interest you get free samples. Example: Choose 'Stories Every Kid Should Know' and you get Curious George, Jack and the Beanstalk etc.


      These are free sample titles.




      Fourth Step is that if you haven't set a Nook passcode you get the option to add a passcode so that your child can't visit other profiles on the device. My main profile didn't have a passcode.



      After that the Child Profile was populated with your purchases that qualify as 'children books' and 'children apps'.


      This included Teen Books and children's books and children's apps.




      Note: When logged into the Child Profiles you don't have the option to add Profiles.




      II - Adult Profiles.


      Step 1: Tap and hold on the Profile Name at the top left of the Screen and slide down.

      Note: A tap will also work.


      Step 2: Tap on Add Adult Profile. Enter Gender and Name.


      Option: To Add all content in 'this account' (your current account) to this new Profile's Library. So you can either prepopulate it with everything you have, or not.


      Step 3: Choose Interests.


      Step 4: Based on INterests chosen a number of Books and Apps are recommended. These are all ones that have free trials or samples.


      Step 5: You're logged into the new Profile.




      Overall Thoughts:


      1) Only after using it more can I comment on how well it works.


      2) The set up is very good.


      3) Very impressed with the loads of Parental Controls. You could pick an eclectic set of Controls like allowing TVY and nothing else in Video and TV, no games, but apps, and no web but allow Shop access.



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          "Kid-friendly" shopping restricts the shop results so that a child cannot see adult content. For instance, searching for "50 shades of gray" will bring up no results if "make shopping kid-friendly" is selected. 


          Its not a perfect system. A number of classics get caught in the "adult" net, ie the great gatsby, etc, and can't be found in the shop with the child-restrictions enabled. However, an adult can elect for that title to be purchased on the adult's account and then assigned to the child's profile on download.  If the child profiles are something a user is interested in activating we definitely recommend requiring a passcode for the adult profiles and also password on purchase if the shop is enabled in the child's profile. 

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            I get a chili pepper flag on the Chrome tab (and no results) on some Ebay searches on my HD+. I can't find any profile setting that might be causing this.


            Any ideas?

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              Hi there, Is there a way to allow child profiles to access settings to change keyboards and also to view notifications at the top of the screen?
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                Thanks for your very thorough explanation. :smileyhappy: I still have a couple of questions:


                For an Adult Profile, is it possible to only add some of the content in your current account? I share an account with a friend who has a Nook Tablet, and would like a way not to have to see all of her content; just mine or books we both like.


                Also, where do sideloaded books appear? In both profiles? 




                II - Adult Profiles.


                Option: To Add all content in 'this account' (your current account) to this new Profile's Library. So you can either prepopulate it with everything you have, or not.




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                  I have a quick question. I purchased a Nook HD+ for my grandson. I would like to know if I can attach a gift card to his profile so I can load it occasionally for books and apps he would like to purchase independent of me. I don't want him having access to my credit card or I will likely be paying the bill for the rest of my life. Basically, I want him to have "shop" capabilities independent of my credit card.



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                    Yes you can load a gift card on the Nook HD.  The Nook will default to using the gift card until it's depleted.


                    However the credit card has to remain on the Nook account. 


                    You can set the Nook to require a password when making purchases, so that you can check on the status of the gift card before he makes purchases.