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      Hey everyone! I hope all is well with you. I am relatively new to selling on B&N but would like to know how sales are around here. How many do you sell a day or month on average? I know it's touchy so please don't feel you need to say exact amounts. I just want to know what's possible here as far as sales. Also what price range seems to be best for you as far as earnings not simply sales. Thanks for your time everyone I have already experienced some glitches so far publishing but I feel B&N is on the rise for some reason.
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          I sell about one book on B&N for seveb on Amazon including the foreign stores.


          The same is true of Apple iBookstore, or a little less.

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            I'm primarily selling short stories, poetry, and some poetry and story collections. My average is a little over one a day. On individual days there can be from zero to 5 sales. That's why the average is a little over one a day as if one can sell a half a book. Well you know how stats are.