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    Honesty Needed

      Ok,, my tax refund will be here soon and I am still undecided about if I shoud get a Nook HD/HD+ or another tablet. I have read many of this forum's threads and am still undecieded.  I have to say that I have never really used my Nook color or tablet as anything but an ebook reader. I may have looked something up on google once in a blue moon. So I really don't know if it is worh it. I am asking for your honesty on your Nooks. Can you please tell me why you think it is a good thing. What made you like it. What really impresses you to keep it dispite it's flaws.


      Thank you for any and all answers.



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          The advantage of the HD+ is when web broowsing, watching movies etc. BN app selection is not as deep, non factor for you? As long as your color is functional, no hurry. The HD does have bluetooth and a bit better screen, which allows the easier use of external speakers, keyboards, or your car stereo for recent model cars.

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            auntykatkat wrote:

            Ok,, my tax refund will be here soon and I am still undecided about if I shoud get a Nook HD/HD+ or another tablet. I have read many of this forum's threads and am still undecieded.  I have to say that I have never really used my Nook color or tablet as anything but an ebook reader. I may have looked something up on google once in a blue moon. So I really don't know if it is worh it. I am asking for your honesty on your Nooks. Can you please tell me why you think it is a good thing. What made you like it. What really impresses you to keep it dispite it's flaws.


            Thank you for any and all answers.



            Still using a rotary phone from 1968? Theres your difference. Oh, and a switch to HD may save your eyesight as well. Forgive me in advance if you were referring to a breakfast nook. Cant help there.

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              I have a Nook Color and a Nook tablet, which I used mainly for reading and the occasional web search.  I did have a few apps for the grandson, but was not a heavy app user. 


              After wondering about tablets and ipads, I did purchase the Nook HD+, which is still used primarily for reading. As I am getting older (59), I find I like the larger screen.  Also my one magazine looks amazing on the larger HD+ screen.  I find that I use the web a lot more with the HD+ due to the screen size, as well as watching side-loaded movies and TV shows at the gym.


              I have also found some nice apps, like Flipboard (free), which allows me to see various news/entertainment/Facebook/etc. items in a single location.  And I have side-loaded photos of my grandchildren to show my friends, as well as some of my other photographs.


              I did some of these things with the Color/Tablet, but find I am using the HD+ more because of the size and because of a few apps.  I have even purchased a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, which I use when I want to answer a lot of email or use the Officesuite Professional app for word processing and spreadsheets.


              So for me, the HD+ has been well worth the money.  I have an iPad at work, but use my HD+ more than the iPad. It is still primarily a reader (with many side-loaded books), but I can use it for much more if I want/need to.


              Hope this helps.

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                  I think there are better devices, but the HD+ - at less than two ounces heavier than the Nook Color but with a much larger screen and much better speakers - actually does represent an upgrade.


                  I am much more fond of the HD+ - warts and all - than I ever was of the nook tablet.  


                  The warts are considerable, though.  The biggest ones for the OP's use pattern are probably going to be the shelving bugs.


                  However, since the OP already knows the product - hey, they're not new bugs or anything :smileyhappy:


                  One other issue is that the SD card is (so far) very unreliable, to the point where I no longer recommend that people use it and am no longer recommending the device much to folks who don't know the product line.  

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                    Kudos MarshalnSC, for the thoughtful response, it deserved, far superior to my own and the other previous post.

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                      My usage is similar to yours & I do like the larger size. I got the HD+ 32g. I was an early adoptor & as they say your can tell the pioneers because they have the arrows in their back. The "warts" have been significant - eg the shelving issue & still have problems with Flash. Had I known I probably would have waited till the kinks got worked out. I have a NC also & never had the problems I've had with the HD+. I have an N2A card for that one so I still use it.
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                      I love my new HD+. I, like you, use it mainly as a reader but, in addition to novels, I also read a lot of ecomics on it. The screen is perfect for that. If I used it only for reading novels, I probably would've stayed with my Nook Tablet because it just wouldn't have been worth the extra money to me.


                      Also, my HD+ is rooted, so I'm not shackled to B&N's impotent, sad little selection of apps. I can get apps from anywhere I like and, even the ones that are available through B&N, I can usually get them cheaper, or often even free through the Google Play Store. Of course, I'm a computer/electronics nut and this stuff is right up my alley. I realize the average user isn't going to be doing that. If I couldn't or didn't want to root my HD+, I never would've considered any Nook becuase of the poor app selection alone, but that's just me. Since I am rooted, and can get what I want from where I want, I think the HD+ is the best tablet out there in its size range.


                      Just my two cents. Your mileage may vary.


                      - Byron


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                        Interesting question.



                        1) Based on this:



                        I have to say that I have never really used my Nook color or tablet as anything but an ebook reader.



                        If your Color or Tablet is working fine, and it you are going to use a Tablet mostly as an ebook reader, Then I don't really see the need to update.


                        Let me put it another way - I have all the Nooks (including HD and HD+) and all the Kindle Fires (including HD and HD 8.9"). I read a book on Monday - using Color and Tablet. I didn't even think about the other tablets.


                        Because they are most familiar. And the reading experience is great.


                        ***** If 80% of what you'll use your tablet is for reading, then Color and Tablet are good enough. How much of an upgrade is the reading experience on HD and HD+ - Not enough to warrant an entire new purchase.


                        ***** However, it is better. screen is sharper.


                        2) Is right now the best time to buy? I don't think so.




                        Last weekend - $30 gift card with HD and HD+.

                        Ongoing right now - $30 off Kindle Fire HD 8.9".


                        What's happening is that the larger screen tablets (and this includes iPad) are getting hammered by iPad Mini.


                        So, if you don't have an immediate need, then it's best to wait until April end. It's just two months. However, in those two months we'll see


                        a) New iPad Mini perhaps. Perhaps with Retina Display.


                        That also means current iPad Mini might drop in price.


                        b) Permanent Price drops on Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD and Nook HD+. I really do think they will go down by $50 by April or May.


                        c) New Tablet from Google perhaps.


                        d) New Windows 8 based Tablets. There are also rumors of smaller screen Windows 8 Tablets.




                        3) Is Nook HD+ better than Tablet.


                        Yes, without a doubt.


                        It's faster. Screen is bigger.


                        There are lots of software bugs. However, some have been fixed and B&N does fix them steadily, albeit not fast enough.


                        Text is very sharp.

                        Photos look amazing.

                        Video looks super. Video Store is very uneven but it's an option. Movie rentals for $3 and $4 is good. You can buy too.


                        HD+ is lighter than most other large tablets. It's still not as comfortable to hold as HD or Tablet or Color.


                        HD+ will hold up well. I think it'll be good for at least 3 years.




                        4) Is Nook HD+ better than other Tablets.


                        That's hard.


                        iPad Mini - No. Because Mini is very polished and has lot more apps.


                        However, Nook HD+ gives you more bang for the buck and screen size is better and screen is much better. Software is very buggy though.


                        Fire - It's a toss-up. I think HD+ is better but the software bugs make it even.


                        Nexus 7 - Yes, HD+ is better. Nexus 7 has a lot more apps though and most of them are free.



                        I wouldn't recommend any other device over HD+ other than iPad or iPad Mini. And those are more expensive in terms of what you get.




                        5) Regarding this:



                         So I really don't know if it is worh it. I am asking for your honesty on your Nooks.



                        I don't think it's worth it if your main use case is a Reading Tablet. Forget Tablet, even Nook Color is nearly as good as a Reading Tablet as anything else (iPad, HD+, Fire). I've owned them all (Ipad 2, not retina display) and Color and Tablet are the best size and weight for a reading tablet. HD might be better but HD+ size makes it a bit awkward.


                        6) Regarding this:



                        What really impresses you to keep it dispite it's flaws.



                        Well, the only flaws that I've faced are


                        a) Problems with PC recognizing folder.

                        b) Problems with PC recognizing device.

                        c) A rare crash on Browser.


                        Lucky to have missed the big ones.


                        I think i lost some shelves too but they were just quickly made ones.


                        So I wouldn't know the answer to your question. It seems some percentage of Nook owners get devices that don't really have many issues. If that's the case then the experience is really good.




                        7) I think you'd be better of holding off for a few months and seeing if one of the next batch of new tablets or some new technology like a smart watch or Google Goggles or something else is better bang for your buck.


                        If you do go for it now - Either HD+ or iPad Mini will be good. Even the Kindle Fire HD 8.9" is good.


                        With HD+ you'd know very soon if you got a lemon and could replace it. It's quite likely you get a properly working one right from the start and then the experience would be good throughout.





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                          I upgraded from a nook tablet...actually I've had them all. My quest with Nook-dom because I love to read and was blown away with my first eink device. Up until the Hd+ I had to hook up my nook with a cable to the computer to get a library book. Now with the HD+ it downloads via wifi through Overdrive anywhere...anytime. that is a big thumbs up for me. Did I need to upgrade from a tablet...not really...but so glad I did. The app store isn't a big deal for me. I have found all I need out there but then again I'm not a tech savy guru either. You will see a lot posts regarding adobe digital editions not working any longer for reading pdf docs. I work around that by saving them on skydrive and then opening them through overdrive. Good luck making your decision...it really depends on what you want combined with what you expect.
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                              I have a Nook Tablet and was all set to get a Nexus 7 since I was tired of the locked eco-system.


                              I decided that what I do the most on my Nook is read magazines and books and occassionally watch movies. The magazines were the big part, so I took a look at the bigger screen of the HD+ and loved it. With the high-def screen, even the tiny print is very clear, so I don't have to zoom each page to read it. I got my HD+ on Black Friday for $229, so it was the best deal around. No other 9" tablet comes close to that price.


                              I bought a real leather case off ebay for $15. It even has magnets that turn my HD+ on and off as I open and close the cover. I only load a few books at a time, so I don't bother with "shelves" and miss out on the whole disappearing shelves problem. I've rooted it, so I can install whatever apps I want on it as well.

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                                  I have four (4) NOOKS:

                                  1.  a first generation which I take on group trips to share books with friends
                                  2.  an NST which, when it is not in my hand, is either by my bedside at home or in my purse 
                                  3.  an NC  (with N2A) which resides beside a favorite chair in the family room because the reading light is poor there.  The NC has also been my laptop replacement on trips.
                                  4.   a new HD+ . . .   Did I need it?  NO.  Do I love it?  YES! 

                                   Magazines are fabulous on it. I did a free trial of a mag I subscribe to in print.  Loved it, kept the supscription (free for now with print) and subscibed to another I had wanted.  And the scrapbooking has definite possibilities; I've scrapbooked a few articles about North Africa for a trip I'm planning.  I hope that feature will be utilized by more publications and expanded by B&N.  


                                  Books, for me, are also more enjoyable.  I love browsing the carousel on the home screen.  Pure fun to select a new read that way.  And the fact that the page is bigger gives me fewer pages to turn, which I like:  I am no longer stuck on page (?) for 4 screens. Stupid reasons to love it, perhaps, but true for me. :smileyhappy:   I thought the size might be bulky, but I like it. I mostly read on it--90% of the time, probably, but I added the N2A card anyway.  This will be my new laptop replacement when traveling.

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                                I can't compare my HD+ to any other tablet, as this is the only one I have.  I can say that, for me, it is an excellent device.  I have a Nook Color (as does my husband) and we have both been extremely pleased with them.  I did crave a larger tablet for easier web browsing and a better experience with photo-intensive magazines like National Geographic; but I could not afford an iPad. I had been looking into one of the Andriod tablets when the HD+ came out.  It was affordable, has an incredible screen and is quite light weight.  I pre-ordered one and picked it up the day they came out.


                                Magazines are aweome on it.  I read things like NG & American Photo.  I think the experience is even better than reading the paper magazines.  I thought I'd stick to reading on my NC, but actually, I find I prefer the parger format of the HD+.  It can weigh a bit heavy at the end of an hour and a half of reading, but I just prop it up with a pillows.  I do have the N2A card, so when I want to, I can convert it into a regular android tablet.  I find I prefer the Nook side, though; I'm now leaving the NC in Android, while the HD + has besome my primary reader/tablet.


                                I am absolutely honestly happy with it.  Now, I don't have a lot of demands for it.  I want primarily to read and I want a fairly competent web browser (when I'm home, I usually use my desktop or laptop) as well as email. I have my schedule/calendar on my phone, where it is more convenient.  Virtual keyboards just aren't efficient enough for me for word processing and photo edititing (photography is my great love) needs more power than a tablet can offer.  So I'm not looking for a tablet to do that.  I'm not a big gamer, and if I want to watch a movie, well that's what the big flat screen TV is for.  (although movies do look great on the HD+.) So it meets my needs.  You'd have to look into what it can do compared to what you want it to do.  Much of the unhappiness I see her stems from people who bought it without researching what it CAN do as opposed to what they WANTED it to do,  and then were pissed off because it didn't match their fantasies.



                                I have not had any signficant problems with it other than initially having shelves disappear. That's been resolved.  So, honestly, for ME, it's been a wonderful purchase that I do not regret at all.  I enjoy the device and I'm glad I bought it.