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    Missing Wi-Fi MAC address

      Just hung up on B&N Customer Support.  Their answer to everything is the "basically troubleshooting"--i.e., re-registering the Nook Color.  That is NOT basic troubleshooting--that is LAZY troubleshooting.  Re-registering is a last option not a first.  Their other answer was the "it must not be compatible with your router" which is also BS.  This has worked with this router since Christmas and was working last night (weeks after I did the update) so that is BS.


      Hoping y'all can give me some advice before I do the last resort:


      Last night NC worked fine--got on WiFi, no problems.

      Today, when I attempt to get on Wi-Fi, NC turns itself off.  The first couple of times, it showed it trying to connect but not finding any networks (my router is right by the NC right now and there are one or two more in my area, all secured).  When I go to the Settings and About my NC, under Wi-Fi MAC Address I now have 'UNAVAILABLE'--before I always had an address.


      Any help would be appreciated.  I know that if NOTHING else works, I can re-register but I also know that on 2 other occasions that is what Customer Support recommended (for small problems that I later worked out) without trying to find the real solution.



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          I have noticed a similar thing - I don't see a MAC address until after I have turned wifi on.  This only happened after the 1.2 update, previously I always saw the MAC address when first turned on.

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            I'm having a similar problem with my Color Nook.It worked perfectly with my network or with any outside location with wi-fi access for first several months.  Then I started having  intermitent problems with wi-fi not connecting. There was no rhyme or reason as to why it would stop working and then a couple days later work again.  A few days ago it quit working altogether.  I've tried turning wi-fi off and now I am unable to  turn it back on.  I get a caution sign that says "Wi-Fi issue".  Under "About your Nook" the Wi-Fi MAC address is listed as "unvailable" .


            I've tried all the normal stuff like resetting modem and router.  Both work with all my other devices. I'm not sure what to do from this point forward.  Because of the intermitent problems I'm inclined to think this may be a hardware failure rather than anything to do with software or the router or modem. I really don't want to reset/register as  I really don't want to lose everything that is on the Nook. What a pain.


            Any ideas on how to resolve this problem?