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    What magazines/newspapers would you like added to nook newsstand?

      What magazines wouldyou like to see added to nook newsstand? A few that come to my mind: Wired, Metropolis, and also: architecture magazines like Architect, Architectural Record, Interior Design, A+U, Wallpaper, Contract, Harvard Design Magazine, Azure, Frame, etc. Also: why not comicbook subscriptions? Seems like it would make alot of sense to incorporate all kinds of comicbook subscriptions into the newsstand... Why do comics need to be their own app? Things like: Marvel, DC, etc. I think in the upcoming reader wars, it is going to be a battle over content access as much as it is hardware... Apple and Amazon are going to be fighting for newsstand content access... There is also: local community/free newspapers... Why not create tools to allow local community newspapers that are ad funded to create digital versions of their papers downloadable for free on the nook... How cool would it be to be able to get local community papers on the nookso as you travel you can read about local events, culture, and restaurants reviews, etc
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