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    BN database stinks

      Why is it that I have to look for books on amazon, then come to BN to find them for Nook? Amazon's database is so much better- when you click on a book, it gives you pages of similar books.

      Here on BN, when you click on a book you get maybe 5 choices, which seem to be random picks.

      I adore my Nook, but it could be made so much easier to find books.



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          Yes, that's my complaint as well.  Not only does Amazon have a lot of ebooks that I would buy if they worked on my Nook, but the searching is so much better..  B&N author searches bring up too many authors with similar names, and the one I am looking for is far down the pack.  Elizabeth Lynn is the poor search I remember best - got waaay too many  people named Elizabeth Lynn (or Lynne) Some Surname, when I wanted Elizabeth Lynn the science fiction and fantasy author.  She's there, but I had to go through at least 3 pages to get to her work, and clicking on the author name on one of those books took me to the other Elizabeth Lynn Somethings.


          B&N searching in general needs improvement if they want to really compete in online book-selling.  Good searches are a basic requirement.

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            Um... it's a better search engine by definition.


            Your complaint seems to be that it returns MORE results than Amazon (which i work for, yay me).


            While you had to wade thru all those non-relevant authors to get to the third page (oh noes!), other people may be searching for those other authors with the same name. 


            Oh, the outrage, the drama it causes fo' yo' mama!



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              Um, I basically agree with the first two.  I use google instead of yahoo for that exact reason.  I don't want obscure authors when 'the most likely' one is the one I probably want.  Its like going into a store and asking for sewing needles.  I've already looked pretty well, couldn't find them, and asked the sales clerk for help.  She walked me over and pointed them right out. 


              I expect my search engine to do the same.  MORE results are not BETTER results, and I would rather better then more.  I think a lot of people agree.

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                I, too, check out Amazon first - for the information noted earlier as well as to go over the reviews - Amazon's set up is much better in this regard than B&N's. I hope B&N can improve their setup.