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    eBook - First Edition - Say what?

      While pursing the ebook new in Sci-fi section I see a number off book label as 'First edition'


      Hawkmoon : The Mad God's Amulet by Michael Moorcock

      Digital  eBook - First Edition


      Is this what they call 'adding value' or making it a 'collectors item' ?


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          You got it!  The publishers think we're that stupid!


          Better grab it while you can - years from now that little ePub file could be worth millions!



          By the way - that Hawkmoon book is published by TOR - which is part of Macmillan, which is the main perpetrator of the agency model - so you might consider buying it now in case the price goes up.


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              Yeah, I bought 30 books in the last week from here plus another 20 from Baen including the Fafhrd And Grey Mouser 7 parter.


              Not sure if Bean is part of S&S, but I didn't want to take a chance. Turns out that $5.00 w/no tax is my price point sweet spot.


              Oh, and I read 120-130 books last year. I know because I sell them at my local used bookseller in lots of 25, only this year I got behind and brought all 5 boxes in over a two month period. They don't have room for anymore, which sucks because I nearly have a nearly full boxl. Less than a dozen paperbooks to go and then its all digital and library rentals.


              Anyway. Nice picture sub_rosa.