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    New Nook HD and problems / Play Apps not compatible

      I haven't been around this forum for sometime, I  am an original Nook Color owner, just loved my NC, never bothered to root it, as it was fine for my purposes.


      Father's Day, couldn't ignore the HD / HD+ deep discounts, I missed them on Mother's day, bought two HDs /16, one for myself and one for our daughter.  Surprise my other kids bought me a HD+32g, the HD+ is going back on Wednesday.


      Really liking the new HD's speed, resolution, easy to use interphase, in all it is a real joy to use especially after clugging along with the Nook Color for 2.5 years.


      First problem my HD was DOA, that's right NOTHING right out of the box!  I plugged it in immediately and 5 hours later, it wouldn't turn on, only a red flashing light on the charge connector.  Tested with my daughter's charger, still no joy.  Daughter's HD started immediately before we even put it on the charger, mine didn't do that.  So back to B&N for a replacement.


      " ! Your device isn't compatible with this version"

      This is a big deal, I wish I did a bit more reading before I plopped down $300+tax for the two HDs.  I have several apps on my android phone that I want to use on the new HD and I get that above error.  In addition I can't even find those apps on Google Play because of compatibility, instead I have to go to the app's website and click on download which then launches Google Play with that app.


      So what is the answer?

      I am fairly certain if I could side load the app it would load and work?

      Q. Is there an easy way to sideload android apps from Google Play and get them to work?

      Q .Or should I go ahead and just buy the N2A chip so I don't have to worry about all these issues?

      Q. If I want to up the storage to 32Gig should I just do N2A myself on a new 32gig chip?  Where is the best place to buy the N2A cards, and where is clear instruction on how to DIY setup?



      I use Avast on my phone, however Avast has no Tablet version, so was going to use free AVG from Google Play,  NOPE!  Get the Not compatible issue, but oh yeah I can spend $2 bucks in B&N's app store.  NOT, so many bad reviews!  However the security issue is what was the final straw, I need to get the Google Play Not compatiable issue solved fast.


      Help is greatly appreciated...  If roustabout & deangibson are around I know they really know their stuff, and can point me in the right direction.