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    Ebook with Video in it won't load



      I have a Nook HD+ and have 2 ebooks that I've had for at least several months that worked fine until a few weeks ago.  Now I keep getting that I need to download them and I get a circle where it counts the percent complete until it gets to 100 and that should be when I would be able to open the book. However, it reverts back to the way it was before and when I touch the book, it starts the download cycle all over again.  I can't open either book and therefore, can't read the written parts of the book or see the video clips within the books.


      I spent an hour on the phone with support, but then they finally said they couldn't download it either.  I tried to see the book on the Nook app on my computer for Windows 8, but these books aren't available on that app, seems they are only available on an actual Nook.


      Any suggestions as to how I can get these books to open?


      Thank you,