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        I set up my email accounts with no problem.  Initially, all 4 accounts downloaded mail from the server with no problem.  But when I went to "Combined Inbox", it got hung up on "Loading messages".  Now, when I choose the mailboxes individually, sometimes they work and other times, they hang on the "Loading messages" screen.  Anyone else having this issue?


        UPDATE:  In playing around with this, I discovered that if there are new emails to be downloaded, it loads them without a problem, both in the individual inboxes and in the Combined Inbox.  The hang-up appears to happen only when there are no new emails (and I'm checking the accounts before the next scheduled check by the NC).  I also noticed that on the individual inboxes for each email, if I use the sync button at the bottom of the screen, it usually stops the "Loading messages" screen, on those occasions when it doesn't stop on its own.  This doesn't seem to help on the "Combined Inbox", though.

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          Thank you l_nester--I finally got it to work.

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            Both Aol and hotmail work.
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              Am on hold with tech support. Hopefully they can help.

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                Spoke with tech support.

                Had to delete email and reinstall.

                At least now I can access email.


                As far as the notification issue, it still doesn't work.


                The tech suggested I uninstall and reinstall the update but would lose

                everything. With all my stuff in addition to BN books to redo I decided in the scheme of things

                the notification is a non-issue and will just hit refresh.


                What was really important was to regain my email access.


                Gads, what a night

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                  RoadRunner users- There is a way to use your rr account for the email app. I'm typing from nook, so if ayone needs to know how to do it just ask and I will get on PC to explain.
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                    WildKnitter wrote:

                    Has anyone set this up successfully yet for Cox?  If so, what did you do?  Want to circumvent any issues before I try this...

                    No and I spent a good part of a day trying to set up my 2 Cox email addys. I finally gave up. I also have a Motorola Xoom and was unable to set up my Cox email. I could link it to my gmail but it won't let me save, etc.


                    I am going to stick to using my laptop and smart phone for viewing my Cox email. Too much of a hassle on the NC.:smileysad:

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                      I have frontier mail and have not been able to connect.  Is frontier supported?  If so has anyone had any luck connecting?:womanvery-happy:

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                        I have had the same problem.  Have you found a reasonable solution?

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                          Kibblesnbits said to email if anyone needed help setting up their email w/ road runner. Can you please help. I have an acct., but I tried to set it up letting nook do it, it sent me to manual in the 2nd screen, and no matter what I check in the boxes, it won't accept my rr acct. Any help (especially not too technical) would be great!! Thanks

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                            Anyone help with email setup in roadrunner.com for nook color? I have successfully set up outgoing server and sent a test message, so know I have the email address and smtp-server.roadrunner.com settings correct. But I keep getting the same error message about inability to connect with server for the incoming pop-server.roadrunner.com settings. (This problem occurs with either the 110 setting checked, or not.) Help most welcome!

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                              I have tried everything to set up my email without any luck. The tech at B&N couldn't get it to work and my isp couldn't either. This is very frustating.

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                                How do u do it
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                                  I misspelled my user name (or changed password, not sure which) and email no longer works. I would like to delete the app and re-install, but don't know how. Could you instruct me?


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                                    I had the same problem and I took it to B&N and all they did was delete my e-mail (yahoo) account and then put it back in and it has worked fine since-hope that helps-took about thirty seconds-

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