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    Advice about two Nooks in one house

      I am hoping to get some advice.  I have had a Nook Color for quite a while and recently my husband bought me at Nook Tablet for my birthday to upgrade.  I'd like to pass the Nook Color along to my young daughter who loves to read.  I was hoping some of you could tell me the best way to manage two Nooks in one household -- especially when one is a child that may need some monitoring.  I understand that I can use my same account for up to 8 devices.  I currently have the Nook program on my phone and on both Nooks.  I am wondering if I should set my daughter up with her own account.  That way she wouldn't have all my books on her device, but I don't know what pros and cons there are either way or exactly how to do it.  I may not even know all the issues I should ask about.  Can any of you help lead me in the right direction.

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          There are some previous threads with good advice you may want to search out. You can deregister your old device and register it under a different bank card. You could still sideload books you wish to share. You would not be able to share apps. You could just set a pin for purchases if that is an issue. I am not aware of a practical way to limit Internet access on nooks.
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            Thank you for your help. I will do some research on previous threads and also would appreciate any other tips.  

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              Keep in mind that the security settings in the Nook Color allow password protecting access to the builtin  web browser and social apps. But it doesn't apply to other browsers available in the app store.  However, by password protecting app purchases you may be able to prevent her from installing alternate browsers.


              Personally, I would lean to setting her up with her own account. I would not want a young child to have access to all my downloaded material.  If there are books you want both of you to have, excepting interactive books, you can always download the book to your PC and sideload it to her Nook.


              It's a tough and important decision, so I'm glad to see you are investigating it thoroughly.