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    Free On Smashwords -Sleeping Giant

      Hi everyone,

      I just wanted to announce a free story now available on Smashwords that I hope everyone takes a second to look through and read. It's my first released work with two others almost ready for release, so if you like this first one, check back for the next releases.

      What happens when someone stops trying to make sense of the world the way it is and lashes back at it? You avoid the unknown stranger, but when it's someone you know who snaps can your world ever be the same? When their dark fantasies and daydreams cross the line into reality will you be able to survive? Will you want to? Follow the story of when someone who has finally had enough of the world the way it is, and the fallout of when they strike back at everything the world they live in.



      Also, the story's not especially long though it is a solid read at 56 PDF pages, so I'd recommend downloading the entire book rather than just the 28 page sample.