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    Nook Color or Nook HD+?

      Hi--I have a Nook Color (which I love), but it is getting old and I am anticipating some issues with battery life, etc.  I was looking at the Nook HD+.  Anyone out there have an opinion regarding the different Nooks available?.  I must say, after reading about some of the customer service issues, I'm not sure I want to stay with B&N!  I would appreciate input...thanks!

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          How do you intend to use it? Has your NC done everything you want? 

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              I have a NC but bought the HD+ when it came out because I thought it would be better for magazines.  YMMV but I am very happy with it.  I now actually prefer reading books on it over the NC; magazines like National Geographic are just stunning.  Now that it has Google Play Store, it can do so much more.  I think it's a well made product, now available at an icredible price.  As far as customer service, whenever I've needed any help, I bring it into the local B&N store, where the service has been excellent.