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    Nook HD charging and battery problems

      ok, my nook HD was working fine until i installed the update, now i'm getting a lot of charging and battery issues.


      normally i always turn the nook all the way off before going to bed, so last night before i turned it off it had 90% battery life. this morning i turned it back on and read for about 2 hours. it went into sleep mode while i ate lunch and went back and it refused to come out of sleep mode.


      i plugged it in and it kept flashing white whenever i pushed the power or N button. after a couple of minutes i tried again and the batter icon came up.


      eventually it went to the lock screen where it said charging at 6% and had an orange light.


      10 minutes later i look at it and the charge light is green. i check and it says fully charged... WHAT THE HECK?!


      this is the 3rd time this has happened and the 2nd time this month. the nook seems to be only working for about 3 hours on a full charge before dying on me and it's barely 2 months old!


      - i never have wi-fi on unless i'm buying something

      - i have it automatically set to power save mode so the backlight is set low to save battery

      - only 11% full and the SD card is 50% full with video


      and while i'm posting i might as well ask another question that's been bugging me. lots of times the nook doesn't go to the lock screen after it goes into sleep mode and i push the N button, it just lights up with a faint blue glow and goes black again.

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          1) Which update?


          2.0.5 or 2.0.6?


          2) How do you turn your Nook HD all the way off?


          3) Everything seems to point to your battery charge being not properly held. So it's battery life is down from 8+ hours to 3 hours.


          4) That could be due to -


          Some apps running in the background and eating up lots of battery.


          Battery beginning to die.


          5) Not sure how it could charge fully in10 minutes.


          6) If pressing the N button doesn't work for you, try pressing the Power button. If you get the same issue with it, then not sure what the issue is.




          It seems to me that your battery is dying and you should get a replacement. IT should be covered under the warranty.

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              1. 2.0.6


              2. i turn it all the way off by holding the power button until it asks me if i want to power off


              4. the most recent app i've downloaded is the Overdrive app from the library. i barely have any apps. all i've got are cardshark (which was the 1st app i downloaded) and the notes and check list apps along with a game. none of those are recent though. the library one is the only new one i can think of that i downloaded around the time the nook started acting up


              6. i've tried that too, get the same bluish light for a few seconds. and actually, about half and hour ago the screen was green when i tried to wake it up.


              *sigh* with all the issues with these things, i seriously doubt ereaders will replace real books anytime soon.