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    questionable marketing ploy-prices visited yet again

      I'll state up front that I own a Nook & a kindle. I like the Nook a lot sharper clearer screen & an open format. I am perplexed at the ploy of raising prices at a time while in the middle of introducing a pretty good product (after the 1.2 upgrade) finally getting them in the store & shipping on time than you go and throw higher prices at the Nook buyers?...I mean that makes no sense...I am within my 2 week return eat 10% restock fee. BUT I like this thing...Oh yea I know about libraries & Kobo & Sony stores BUT why have your own store & your own device & send people clamering around to look for reasonable prices...Sure I think the Amazon people eat a lot of profit on their sales of book & look like champs I personally think this will change in the coming months but I would like an answer from B&N as to why some books are so high as to make you look elsewhere. I hope they have not shot themselves in the foot & end up with a warehouse full of nooks sending people to Amazon...

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          I have a nook & my husband has the Kindle, so I'm somewhat aware of pricing for both B&N & Amazon.  Depending on the types of books, both sources are increasing prices! 

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              I'm miffed by the eBook price increases as well, and feel mis-lead by pre-release hype and hoopla over new releases priced at $9.99.  But, I'm not getting rid of my nook.  The reason is; it's way more compatible than many eReaders currently on the market and it's competitively priced.


              Just imagine if you had spent the same money on a Kindle, but now you're stuck because the Kindle won't read EPUB which is fast becoming the most widely available eBook format.


              At least with my nook, I have the option to shop at any eBook reseller I choose, have the ability to borrow eBooks from my library, and even lend/borrow the limited number of B&N Titles I was able to purchase before the price gouging began!


              So for me, the nook is still a good deal even though B&N is reneging on their original promises and driving their loyal customers to seek out other resellers!

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              Large_Marge -


              Not for long. The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, which will probably be signed by the US sometime late this year or early next year, changes the entire concept of public domain and will actually result in a lot of public domain titles becoming protected by copyright again.


              And you will be expected to pay for them, even if you got them when they were in the public domain.


              Don't count on anything that is good for us and bad for publishers lasting much longer.