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    Sync between ereaders?

      This may have been answered elsewhere, so apologies if it has. I am wondering if the BN ereader for Mac, and ereader for iPhone sync to the page you are reading, bookmarks, notes, etc? As well, will the nook sync between them all?




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          I'd love to know the answer to that as well.  I don't think they will - or at least I haven't been able to figure out how to sync between my mac and my iphone, but maybe the nook will be able to bridge them?  Doubtful, but figure it's worth asking.

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            Thanks for your inquiry fictionfandd.


            eBooks purchased from BN.com will sync between your nook and other reading devices with the Barnes & Noble eReader app, so you always return to the last page you read. 


            At this time, bookmarks and notes do not sync between devices.

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              Well, my nook arrived yesterday.  In the meantime I had started reading several e-books on the Mac using the Barnes & Noble e-Reader.  I have connected the nook to this Mac with the USB cable, then ejected it in order to use the nook.  But the "Furthest Read Point" in the e-books I started reading is still only the page I navigated on the nook itself, not the Furthest Read Point in the e-Reader.  Is there something else I need to do to sync the nook?





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                  I don't believe the sync feature is working at all at this point.  I have a nook and reader on a mac, iphone, and pc and nothing syncs.  I recall reading in a David Pogue NYT piece that this feature isn't coming until the new year.  I would love for this to be working.

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                  Syncing between devices has never worked as originally advertised.  At this point it seems like this is more of a "stake-in-the-ground" for B&N.


                  I expect that they will get to this feature eventually since this has been a standard feature with the Kindle for quite a while now.


                  I personally wouldn't mind seeing an official bug triage list and missing feature triage list for each flavor of the eReader software for the current version as well as for the current version of the nook.


                  This would go a long way for many of us to not post the same question, etc. in various threads hoping others have either a workaround or at the very least validate the bug.

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                    So now we are at v1.3 and this feature still doesn't work as it was advertised when the Nook was released.  Anyone know what is going on with this?

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                      Not syncing is actually a feature now, as my wife and I share the same B&N account.  She uses nook and i use iPhone/iPaud and when reading same book on different devices we don't sync with whomever read the farthest.
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                          >>True, my nook and PC reader stay in sync, which means it isn't a nook problem, but is a device problem.


                          This is not true at all.  The software for each device is obviously different and maintained seperately.  The iPhone version of B&N eReader will not run on a PC and the Nook uses different software still.  The fact is that the iPhone version of the app has not been updated in months, perhaps more than a year in fact, and the synch functionality has not been added. 


                          iPhone synchs with Kindle just fine.  In fact, I'm so frustrated with this missing feature that I'm getting ready to sell my nook and buy a Kindle even though I think the Nook is otherwise a superior device.  This is a no-brainer feature to have.  It MUST be included.  I've been through two firmware updates now and nothing.  If B&N can't lease the little bit server space required for this function to work (I'm only guessing as to the hold up) to keep their fans happy, then they deserve to fail with this device.


                          B&N rushed this thing out to compete with Amazon, and to their credit, the nook is mostly a great device, but they're not grabbing the low hanging fruit here.  Who the heck cares if I can play chess on my nook?  Or Sudoku?  I didn't buy my nook to play chess or sudoku.  I bought it to READ BOOKS, and it is missing features that would greatly enhance my experience of READING A BOOK, which is what an EREADER is for.


                          B&N needs to get on the ball.  This is INCREDIBLY frustrating.

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                          PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE add this feature!!!  I love my Nook, but don't take it to work due to "roughness" at my job.  I do, however, have my iPhone with me at all times.  I get about 15-20 minutes to read each day.  Due to the B&N ereader app & Nook not synching, I have one book I am reading for that little time at work & another book I am reading on my Nook.  This is because I was wastine 5-10 minutes finding my place each day.


                          Also, it would be great if I could access the Daily with my B&N iPhone app as well as news sources on the iPhone app & Nook (newspaper RSS feeds for newspapers I can't get through B&N).

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                            I have a NOOK, the PC ereader, and the app for Android.  It hasn't worked for me yet :smileysad:

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                                Today, I tried the Nookstudy program on the MAC. This is clearly the preferred software program over the B & N ereader since it can SYNC with Nook on my iPad and iPhone! Notes and highlights made on the iPad just need to be categorized in the NookStudy.


                                The sync process must be done twice and can only be performed in the library. So far I have only tried the ebooks, not etextbooks but I suspect iPad will get eTextbook capability. 


                                One glitch with synchronizing:

                                When finishing making notes and highlights with one device (iPad), I synced the Nook on iPad while having Nookstudy on my MAC open at the same time.


                                On the MAC, I then synchronized Nookstudy but the changes didn't fully go through on the same book until I exited and restarted Nookstudy on the MAC.