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    Nook Tablet with Weak WIFI..

      the list..


      1) refurbished Nook Tablet 16Gig, 1.4.3 rom, partitioned for 8Gig free..

      2) Netgear wireless router WNR834B v2, last full update from Netgear..


      the problem is that the Nook will connect, using WPA-PSK [TKIP], Channel 11 at 270mbs (draft N).. the issue is, that the Nook only reads two bars of signal strength when it is 6" from the router.. move it 12" away, only the single "dot" remains.. walk 8 feet, line of sight with no barriers, and it drops all connection to wifi..


      i've done everything that is on the net about the Nook Color and the Nook Tablet for wifi issues.. minus purchasing another router.. which i've looked for a recommended router specifically for the Nook, and could not find a consensus as to which would be best..


      i have had the Nook for about 27 hours now.. this is disappointing and somewhat upsetting..





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          Is the system actually in "N" only configuration?


          WiFi-N does not get along well in a mixed mode environment (where there are "N" and "B/G" systems).


          Do you have neighbors running on channel 11, 10, and maybe 9 ("N" uses a wide bandwidth, and even "G" overlaps with adjacent channels). So neighboring access points could be causing interference (granted, I wouldn't expect interference to directly affect signal strength -- but maybe the "meter" is taking into account packet loss problems, not just signal strength seen; pure signal strength would be reporting on the strongest access point on the channel).


          Oh, also note that 802.11n was finalized in 2009 -- "draft N" is 2007; it may not be fully compatible in "N" mode with modern devices.

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            Some things that MIGHT help:


            You should be using 2.5 Ghz if possible. 5 GHz not sure how well it works. Mixed definitely doesn't work with Nook.


            Nook doesn't play well with N. Use a, b, or g.

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              it's strange that it works fine, in N @ 270mbs if it's less than 12" away from the router.. i've switched modes to G (up to 54mbs), completely opened the router, and it does the same exact thing.. i've unplugged the router and let it sit.. turned it back on, same thing.. changed channels, including auto, and it's the same thing..


              i'm fairly convinced it's the Nook Tablet, not my router..


              as i've said, all other devices used see the router at 80% though walls, etc..


              really disappointing.. i'm going to take it to the local B&N tomorrow and see if i can either swap it out, or return it..