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    Thank You

    Alex Garcia

      Hi Everyone!


      I'd like to take a moment to thank you all, for the show of support and understanding while portions of us endured and still endure this catastrophic event. I wish everyone effected by this storm only the best and hope for a speedy return to normalcy in your lives.


      Many blessings and above all else I hope all find themselves in good health.:smileyhappy:


      Feel free to share any positive comments and stories below.


      - Alex

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          Survived Hurricane Sandy, a week without power. I think that I could be Amish as long as I could have my nook. :smileyhappy: I didn't miss not having WiFi since I had all my books downloaded,and I was able to catch up on magazines that I hadn't read too. Ever notice how you never mind waiting in a line as long as you have your nook? Waited 3 hours for gas before they had the odd even thing. Is my red gas jug odd or even? Only had to charge my Nook once (thank you Wegmans), although I never realized how long my Nook could last without WiFi on. Thank you Barnes & Noble. I am eagerly awaiting my HD+.