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    iphone, itouch nook app - BIG steps backward


      I have to say that I have had no big problems with the new NOOK iphone app.  BUT it is nowhere as good as the B&N ereader app that just quit working without any notice awhile back.  I've seen literally no good reviews on the itunes app store site and absolutely no response from B&N.  guess that is B&N saying "who cares"??

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          Right there with you.   It's especially irksome that there's no response at all from TPTB at B&N regarding the near-universal preference for the old B&N ereader over the Nook app.  I loved the B&N ereader; it was the best one out there.  Why can't they make the Nook app function as well?

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            OMG I am so glad to hear I'm not the only one who loved the bn ereader program over the nook program.  I have had quite a few issues w/ mine on my itouch (freezing up, pages taking up to 5 mins to load, books not loading properly when not set to publishers default settings, etc, etc...).  I have been so disgusted with BN that I have quit buying the majority of my books from them.  The BN ereader app was the best app around, it had tons more control of the settings.  I HATE the lack of settings on the nook app (I do not like page animation and I can't shut that off on the nook app).  The only good thing nook has above bn ereader is that it doesn't automatically down load your bookshelf every time you load in, I have hundreds of books on my bookshelf I don't need to have hanging out on my ipod.  I have emailed and called BN repeatedly for many different issues and I can't seem to get any help from their customer service reps.  It's like they don't care at all if we shop w/ them or not..I get responses like "a million other people use this app with no issues. It must be the way you are downloading it".  They have really dropped the ball this time.They use to be my favorite but now I think I'm moving on..Apparently they aren't interested in my 300 books a year habit..Amazon seems to like my money just fine..They go above and beyond when I have problems (which is very seldom) to make sure it is resolved.  Although their app works very much like nook it at least doesn't have the glitches that nook has..Now the kobo app I have discovered is a VERY nice app.  I love how it works and it closely resembles how the bn ereader use to work.  But the kobo site itself leaves a lot to be desired as far as selection. This is the app that borders uses.  Unfortunately, borders has also dropped the ball.  There is a problem w/ their website where it wont recognized some peoples user name at log in, therefore making it impossible to log into your account.  I called to see why I couldn't get into my account and was very rudely told that "there is an issue w/ our site and no ma'am I have no idea when that will be fixed.  There is nothing I can do for you. We'll send you an email when it's fixed"  that was a couple weeks ago..But I digress,  I just hope that enough ppl will voice their unhappiness so that BN will start listening..

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              If we think things are bad now, just wait until Apple starts enforcing their "buy through the App Shop (with a 30% charge for the provider). B&N will have absolutrly NO INCENTIVE to improve the app. We'll all be stuck with the inferior iBook app. :smileysad:
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                  Unless Apple changes their policy to disallow any e-reader apps but their own, I think those that aren't affiliated with booksellers should stick around, such as Stanza and Bluefire.  That's the way I've interpreted it, anyway.  You CAN upload your B&N ebooks into Bluefire and read them there -- I know it's a hassle, but really, it's a much better app -- you just have to enter your name and credit card number the first time you open the ebook.


                  I totally agree about the Nook app being inferior to the original reader, but I wonder if B&N had any advance notice that Apple was going to do this, and that's why they haven't updated the Nook app to address customer concerns.  No point in spending time and money updating the app if they knew Apple was just going to get rid of it anyway.