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    Glitches i Pubit! ?

      A recent attempt to upload has produced a final book file with big gaps that jump 
      the text to a new page when none was indicated.
       I have published more than 30 titles on Pubit!, for myself and others, 
      and usually if there's a glitch, I can find the cause and correct it. No
      luck this time. 

      I have uploaded this manuscript as a .doc, then as an .html and the results were the same when I checked the file in Adobe Reader and the Nook for PC. The html files from the same docs have been fine--read fine in a browser check.

      Now I've gone into the epub files and made corrections to the html (yes, I know what I'm doing...have worked with these before), but I can't get a .zip or an .epub to upload in Pubit!.
      Very frustrated. Any suggestions?
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          Last fall I found that several of my books (about a dozen) already for sale (originally uploaded from a Word 97-2003 file) started showing the mysterious page breaks. I tried several things, like retying the paragraphs before and after the break and uploading again. Most of the time that did not work. What worked was dumping the original Word manuscript into a clean empty normal.dot, copy text only, and reformat again from scratch (it's tedious and time consuming). There seems to have been some embedded formatting commands that I could not detect. Since the files were fine at first, I postulate that updates to the reader software caused this. B&N did the same thing to me last August to my paragraph indents. Suddenly, indents doubled in length, and I had to spend one whole vacation day changing all my paragraphing (I had about 37 titles then). Now, perfectly fine books are suddenly wrapping at the punctuation (except on my Android app where it works fine), taking the punctuation to a new line causing end quotes, periods, and question marks (even apostrophes and the letters that follow them) to wrap to a new line. I suppose they

          're (see) trying to discourage people from uploading Word files altogether. I'm waiting to see what's next. You don't have any trouble with the Kindle. It has run smooth and unchanging since I started in 2010.