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    Defending Evil - A Thriller for only .99 Cents

      Hello Readers,


      My name is Charles Shea and I would like to introduce my Legal/Thriller titled DEFENDING EVIL - Travis Knight is an extraordinary Criminal Defense Attorney winning high profile cases in Atlanta. One of his recently acquitted clients kills again, which has Travis and his wife Julie, questioning what he does for a living. Travis is shaken to his core, but being a consummate lawyer, he is able to move past his feelings of guilt; Julie isn’t.


      In a bizarre twist, a mysterious vigilante begins executing Travis’ clients after he wins them an acquittal. This righteous vigilante decides that the clients Travis is helping to put back into society are guilty, and don't deserve to live.


      Defending Evil is available for only .99 cents.


      I hope you'll enjoy my novel.


      Charles Shea - Author of Defending Evil and The Shrunken Head Murders