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    Slow Performance (possibly apps?)

      This is my first tablet, so you'll excuse me for being somewhat boneheaded about it.  I've downloaded quite  a few apps to my Nook HD+.  Most are news and social network things.  The reason I bring this up is that recently my Nook has started moving a lot slower than usually, sometimes lagging by several seconds.  It doesn't do this all the time, and I suspect this might have something to do with all the apps trying to work at the same time.  I can't confirm that, though.


      In any case, is there a way to determine if the apps are slowing down the performance?  And if the apps are slowing down my device's performance, is there a way to prevent so many of them running on startup? I couldn't find a way to force the apps to run only when I tell them to.  That may not even exist...


      Anywho.  Thanks for your help!

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          In general, in Android an app is only running when it's the one that you see on the screen. The others might be taking up memory, but they're not running. There are a few exceptions for apps that start "services" — for example, Pandora will start a service for playing music that will keep playing even when you switch to other apps.


          The usual (and easy) fix for slow-downs is to shut off and restart your NOOK. Like just about every computerized consumer device, it needs an occasional "clean restart" to keep working smoothly. Just hold down the power button and keep it held down. After maybe six seconds, a dialog will pop up that asks if you want to shut down. Press OK and wait for your NOOK to shut off, then press and hold the power button until it starts back up.


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            my nook hd was.really slow.  i used an app called.clean.master from google play store (free).  ran the app, did hard boot, ran it again, and the pronlem is resolved.

            turns oit i had a.lot of jink.files.that didnt get erased.when.certain apps were inimstalled.  jope this helps u.  my device was.slow for a.week or.intil i couldnt tollerate it anymore.


            sorry abt typos.  have trbl w this little keyboard,  good luck!

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              do you have a uSD card installed?  are apps loaded onto it?






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                I went to BN to see why my Nook HD+ is so slow and I was advised to delete my magazines and alot of apps I paid for. Was told that was the reason for the problem. It pissed me off since I cancelled all my print subscriptions. Why don't they warn you about this before you subscribe. Have lots of cooking and craft magazines I have to get rid of. Something about the pictures and whatnot using more data!? Is this true?? Please someone let me know if they were ever told this.

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                  I'm not really sure about the magazines but I was having the same problem and couldn't resolve it by any means, I wound up doing a facorty reset and I haven't had the issue since. I do not have any magazine subscriptions but I do get some catalogs.