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    Charging problem need help!

      I have had my nook hd for about 7 months now and this is the first time I have had a problem charging my nook. My battery is at 0% right now and when I go to plug in the charger the green light comes on next to where you plug it in then goes orange like it is charging. Now at this point the screen normally comes on and you'll see a battery with a bolt that tells you that is it charging. I do not, I get a battery with a red like in the battery and a plug just below that. Than the screen shuts off and the lights goes out and that is it. Next thing I tired was to unplug the side that goes into an outlet and try it in my computer with my computer on. I tried this because I thought it might be the part that goes into the wall. Well I was wrong, Does the same thing. So only thing I can think of is that I need to replace my charger. If anyone else knows or has had to deal with this issue before, would you please help.


      Thank you.

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          That's what happens when the battery gets that low. Plug it back it, make sure the charging light is orange. In half an hour or so, device should have power to act like it normally does. Right now, it doesnt have enough juice in it.

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              I have had it plugged in all night. There is no charging light on at all and the device will not power on. Only thing that comes up is the battery with the plug below it. I know what you're talking about and that has happened to me before when the battery is completely dead. I've never had a problem with charging it before until last night.

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                  I received my Nook HD on Friday and had the same problem. I searched for a related post in this forum and found that someone used an electric contact cleaner to clean the nook connector and the cable connector that goes on the Nook. I did not have a contact cleaner at the moment but I had a can of compressed air duster and I gave it a try on the cable side and on the Nook side et voilà, like magic, everything got to normal: the Nook charges and it is recognised by the computer. I guess that some little particles were the culprit in my case.


                  I hope this helps