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    Seriously, B&N, Rename Delete

      For those of us that work with computers all day, delete is something you do to a file, not a license to a book that you then have to repurchase later.  You shouldn't be able to quickly tap through a confirm screen to revoke your license to $8 to $15 worth of content.


      Delete, to me, means get this file off my device.

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          Seriously, you need to get out a little bit. This function is clear for anyone with even a tiny bit of common sense. In this context it makes perfect sense.
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            You think it's acceptable user interface design to put one confirmation dialog box between owning a license to use an item and being forced to re-purchase it a second time?


            Quit drinking the koolaid.  I like B&N but this is terrible UI design.

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              PatgolfNed, I'll respectfully disagree.


              The 'Delete' is what everyone used to computers equates with 'Delete this 'file' from my computer.


              It's caught me out a few times even after knowing that it kills the license.


              Also have heard of lots of people 'deleting' a book and later realizing it's gone forever.


              There should be, at the minimum, a popup that says - This Book will be gone FOREVER. If you just want to delete the file, and not the license, use Archive.



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                Yeah, there's usually a pop-up that warns you about this. Anyway, I do think Barnes & Noble should be more accomodating to people who have accidentally deleted books. I've been told they almost never restore an accidentally deleted book. What harm could come from it? I'm pretty sure they won't lose any money...except for the money you probably aren't going to pay to re-purchase the book anyway.