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    Nook on iPad 2 freezes during page turns using IOS 6.1.3

      I have been using the Nook program on my iPad 2 for years now, but it has started freezing when I try to turn the page. I am able to advance one more page by pressing the Home button, then choosing the Nook app again. But that only works for one page change. I keep having to power down, then I have to go back to the Home button again and re choose Nook app again. At first I tried reinstalling the Nook app, but that only worked for a page change. Then I powered down, and that worked for a while, but every once in a while the freezing starts again. It may be that it starts when I make the iPad find "up" when I am moving around and the screen tries to right itself. I am not sure... How can I solve this annoying problem? I am using IOS 6.1.3