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    Side loading apps, how is it done?

      We just obtained an HD tablet recently (we are a Nook family starting with the 1st Edition, and even have the Nook Tablet).  Our decision to get this tablet was based on getting GooglePlay and well, the price during May and the size.


      We have some games we want to side load (mostly from the Android Humble Bundle sales).  So my husband and I are wondering how to side load apps.  We like having the use of the B&N reader as well (another reason why we chose this option).  We have a smaller Asus tablet, but would love to see some of these games in larger format.


      I did a series of searches before I wrote this so forgive me if this has been asked a million times.

      Thanks in advance for you help.


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          Basically unless you really know what you're doing computer-wise, you can't sideload apps onto the HD tablets.There is a way to use tools that are available to app developers to sideload them, but my understanding is that it's a bit of a complicated process. The only way I'm aware of that you can get them on the device is to either root it or use a dual-boot card like the ones offered at androidfornook.com or n2acards.com.


          If I'm wrong about that, I'm sure others will chime in.