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    Need Administrator Please

      Thank you for looking at my question.


      I have published my book on Pubit, then found some typos. Fixed them, redownloaded it, confirmed it in Preview then Published it. Looked again at Preview and it didn't show up!


      I have unpublished my book for fear that it would be bought and there would only be blank screens. Anyone else having this problem?


      I could use some help. Why does it not show up in Preview after it's Published? How do I know if  it's really there when someone buys it?

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          I touched this subject already...I downloaded a friend's book sample - it too was blank! So, there is definitely a problem going on...Hope they correct it soon. This is very important!

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            I just left private messages with a few administrators. I believe they're all gone for the holiday already.

            Yes, this is very disastrous when you have media looking at your book and it is not in proper condition because the program is not working as it should. Any media I sent press releases out to and who looked, will now, not be interested. I just lost them.



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              What I have been doing...is downloading sample reads on my pc for Nook...If it looks good, I guess it is okay. But if it's not, I redo the the upload. You might try this. You can always check it on Nook for PC, if you don't have your own Nook. The one for PC is free...Hope this helps! Good luck!

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                Last night, I had my son create an account on his ipod then download the nook for ipod. I wanted to see if my book showed blank pages or showed correctly. Thankfully, it was all there and the way it should look.

                I don't know why the pubit doesn't allow me to Preview my book past the initial download/preview. Follow up Preview checks only shows blank pages. I hope this will get corrected soon. I shouldn't have to look on someone elses device to see if my book shows up.


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                  I certainly agree with you. You can check yours any time you want on Kindle...No problem. I am sure Nook will eventually get it together...Just wish it would happen a little quicker. I am still doubting my sales....

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                    I find the emulator to be erratic, and that the samples apparently don't update, so I have taken the route of publishing my book and then buying a copy as soon as it is available. So far (three trips to the well) the final book has been satisfactory.


                    This policy also has the advantage of demonstrating the the B&N sales reports are really up to date.