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        ok i pmd my email but now I 'm just gonna throw it out there, clickliter33@yahoo.com 

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          I do not think it is working yet. Soon I am sure.

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            PM sent. Thanks a million Nevermore1!!! Can't wait for the new Nook buddie list. Yahoo! :smileyhappy:
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              I'm new to the Nook Color and would enjoy friends..Would enjoy friends who enjoy Mystery/Thrillers,Romance,and Inspirational Fiction..My e-mail is laceychris50@aol.com

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                i havent had any problems, ive had two requests so far and have been able to acceptt hem, i am however having a problem importing my contacts from google. i use a yahoo adress for my nook but all of my contacts are in google, so i was going to import them through the nooks import option but when it says set up account and i do it, nothing happens.

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                  Add me to the list of "Nook Friends" please! =) I'm a new user so I don't have a ton of books but i'm certainly working on it hehe





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                    I accepted the requests thru the email link, nothing showed up on the Nook. Turned the nook off and then back on again. Still shows that I am "friendless" under the Nook friends tab but under friends' activities, it is full of books recommened or read by the ones that I approved.


                    Hopefully B&N will get all the bugs worked soon.

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                      Nevermore1 wrote:

                      Just an update - I sent out the list to almost everyone who requested to be added.  There are about 15 individuals who PM'd me after around 9 that I will add on tomorrow as well as a few who PM'd me but all I received were blank messages.  If you do not receive something by midnight tomorrow night then please PM me again - I don't want to inadvertently leave someone off the list who wants to be added.  Thanks again everyone.

                      There will be a delay with the list tonight.  It looks like there are nearly 80 additions to the list (possibly more) and right before I left work I found out that I had been "volunteered" to be the support person for a new contract in our Orlando office (I'm in VA) and have a meeting at work tomorrow I need to prepare for tonight regarding it.  I'll get some work on the list done tonight but probably not enough to warrant sending out an update.  I should be able to send it out tomorrow night or Thursday morning.  Sorry for the delay guys :smileysad:


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                        I just sent you a friend request :smileyhappy:

                        --- the application seems to be working for me. I received 5 friend requests today, I accepted them and Ican see them on my nook :smileyhappy:


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                          I don't have a facebook account so no pictures shows up for me.  Anyone know how to add a picture to nook friends?

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                            Talked to the nook guy at B&N today. Here is the post I post in another thread about what he said about nook friends.




                            Just left B&N, still in parking lot having coffee with Junior. The nook tech here said to put the apps on a sd card to save your memory. I told him i thought that that would not work. He said it does and he has his on the card. Asked about the nook friends not working. He has not used it yet but it would will work better when the servers are not so busy, beta struggles with a busy server. Time will tell. Off to teach for a few hours, would love to have time to play with nook though.

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                              You know,


                              It's the oddest thing, but I swear that you (Nevermore1) are a dead ringer for someone I cared a great deal about and still miss dearly to this day.


                              Many years ago, I was a lonely lad wandering the internet super highway, heck it was so fresh back then, the asphalt was still sticky and reeked of tar.


                              I stumbled upon a piece of freeware that promised to lead me to all sorts of interesting people and chat rooms, maybe you've heard of it, it was called PowWow. Well, I was pretty new at this and not all together sociable, but I was in need of a friend so I installed it. As I wandered aimlessly about this new place, a Raven landed on a post and asked, "Hello, are you lost?"


                              I smiled and said...err...typed, "How'd you know?"


                              "Well..." she declared while carefully preening some errant feathers, "You've been here before, I seen you, and all you do is walk about. Sort of like you're lost, or looking for something."


                              "Yeah..." I said sheepishly...(not sure how I managed to type sheepishly) "I guess a little of both."


                              I introduced myself to Raven as Meldwin, Mel to my friends. With an odd twinkle in her eye, and with her head cocked to the side, she declared, "Well I guess you should come with me than, Mel." And so it was that she invited me into her family of friends, and gladly I accepted.


                              Raven was good to me, she had lot's of things happening in her life - some good - some painful, but she was a great friend. I miss her terribly, because I lost track of her.


                              You might not be that same noble creature that befriended me long ago, but damn, you sure do remind me of her. I really miss her.


                              Just Joe - formerly Mel

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                                OMG I have my first friend :smileyvery-happy:  If anyone wants to friend me I send me a pm.  I love trashy novels, anything paranormal, love between a vampire and a werewolf is a bonus to me :smileywink:  I also love Jodi Piccoult and am getting ready to read The Hunger Games!!

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                                  Still no go for me, I even rebooted. I am saving the emails though and will continue to try. Just PM me your addy.

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                                    Still not working for me...I just tried sending requests from my nook to some of the addresses from Nevermore's list. I've received a few email requests but am still unable to confirm the requests. I know this is still Beta, so I'm sure they will get it working soon. I will keep trying to respond and send requests. I dont have a lot of books yet and even less that are lendable since I've only had my nc for a month now, but it will be fun to meet new friends!
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